The Amazing Race eliminated Isabelle Du and Dennis Hour during Friday night's second broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 25th season.
The "Model and Accountant" from Tustin, CA, became the second team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's second Pit Stop at Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill, in last place.

Isabelle and Dennis' fate in the competition came down to a taxi race against "Mother and Daughter" Shelley Porter and Nici Porter after both teams struggled with punting in London, England.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World, Isabelle and Dennis talk about their short-lived The Amazing Race experience. Below is the concluding portion. Click here to read the first half.

Reality TV World: How long do you think it took you to complete that punting task, and then in comparison, how long did it take to finish the pancake Detour task?

Dennis Hour: Oh, the pancake one we got done in probably 30 minutes.

Isabelle Du: Yeah, that was quick. That was very quick.

Dennis Hour: I mean, we were able to flip our pancakes to perfection and we were able to run through that only twice and we got through it.

Isabelle Du: And I think the punting took about, like, two hours.

Dennis Hour: Yeah, probably two hours we were there.

Isabelle Du: We were there for a while.

Reality TV World: Which team or teams did you consider your toughest competition and why? How about Keith Tollefson and Whitney Duncan because of their history on Survivor?

Dennis Hour: You know what? When we were at the starting line, we looked at every team and kind of sized them up. All the teams were strong and you could tell they were very intelligent. So, the whole cast was a very fierce cast.

Isabelle Du: Yeah, you didn't have -- I mean, usually you have the fish-out-of-water team that has never traveled the world. You usually have an older couple who weren't maybe as physical, but this time around we didn't have that couple. (Laughs) So everybody was physically on-point, like, everybody was a threat, I think. (Laughs)
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Reality TV World: Isabelle, you said in the premiere that your parents weren't exactly thrilled with the fact Dennis is Cambodian considering you're Vietnamese. How is that situation now? Have they become more accepting of your relationship especially after getting to see your dynamic on The Amazing Race a little bit?

Isabelle Du: Yeah, it's funny because they weren't really well-aware of what The Race is all about. I was like, "Okay, I've got to sit you guys down and watch the show." And I showed them the legs when they went to Cambodia actually. (Laughs)

So there was a way for them to relate to it, and they're actually really proud of us, which was very touching, I think. And they absolutely love Dennis. I think watching this has made them realize, like, "Wow, they are meant for each other."

And they are so happy we're together and about how similar we are despite the fact we maybe come from different backgrounds. But I think in time -- we are neighboring countries, you know what I mean? So there are a lot of similarities.

I mean, through this, it's funny because I think Dennis got way more bonding time with my dad because of The Amazing Race. My dad's a mechanic, so he actually showed us how to change a spare tire as quickly as possible in case that ever happened on The Race.

He showed us different things, so Dennis and my dad actually had that time to bond together. And, I don't know. This race has brought us together in so many different ways, I love it!

Reality TV World: The season's debut episode ended unusually because three teams decided to forfeit that Roadblock task in which they had to dig for the treasure chests. They all opted to take the massive time penalty. What did you guys think of that choice? Would you have made the same decision had you been in their shoes?

Dennis Hour: I would have never taken the time penalty to be honest with you. I mean, the treasure was there within certain inches. So, I think if they had chosen to just stop and kind of clear their mind -- like take 15 minutes to clear their mind -- and go back and remeasure, I think they would've gotten it.

They were inches away from it. And I think quitting, I mean, they should be off the show by that point because if you take a time penalty, you quit at a challenge.

Isabelle Du: I agree. It was such a cop-out. And it was such a deja vu from the season where they were in Bora Bora and they had the firefighters and the other team, like, fighting for last place. I don't know if you remember that season. But the firefighters ended up being last because their boat turned over, and they took the penalty because they couldn't figure out -- finding the clue in those buckets of sand.

I felt like it was deja vu in that sense. So, you know, I think that they were so desperate. And the island, after a while, it gets really cold. So they're in sopping-wet clothes and it was getting cold. I think all of us were getting cold anyways, and we actually got off the island. It's not an easy task.

We in fact, if you watch the bonus clip of us, we actually lost the clue! (Laughs) They didn't show it on the premiere episode, but in the bonus clip, if you watch it, it was my fault. I actually lost the clue in the ocean and we had to go back to the island twice. We helped the firefighters and the mother/daughter team.

So, if it wasn't for us, the mother/daughter team would have never found their treasure chest. So that's why they were right behind us and they, like, we had already agreed, "We're going to go ride together to Fort Christian." And they were like, "Well, we'll let you guys go on the mat first," because it was only fair since we had helped them.

I actually found the clue in the ocean. So eventually, we found the clue and still decided to help the other teams, because we felt like we were still ahead of them.

Reality TV World: How long had you two been dating prior to your stint on The Amazing Race?

Dennis Hour: We've been together for -- before we left for The Race -- about two years. But in reality, it was one year of not knowing where we were going and one year of being in a happy relationship.

Isabelle Du: (Laughs) Yeah! Now it's a total of, like, over two-and-a-half years now.

Reality TV World: So what is the status of your relationship now? I know you two mentioned the possibility of marriage in your near future during the show's premiere. Any announcements to make or anything?! (Laughs)

Dennis Hour: Did you read my Facebook or something? (Laughs)

Isabelle Du: (Laughs)

Reality TV World: No, I didn't. Does that mean there's been a change?

Dennis Hour: No, there's no change YET. That's the No. 1 question I'm getting from everybody that talks to us, like, "You guys are 'the dating couple.' Are you going to be moving towards being 'the married couple?'" And you know what? We're just taking our time. We're very happy.

Isabelle Du: No rush.

Dennis Hour: I know Isabelle is the one for me, but...

Isabelle Du: Awww.

Dennis Hour: We're going to take our time.

Isabelle Du: Yeah, we definitely want to spend as much time as possible and travel the world as much as possible before we get married.

Reality TV World: So I assume it's safe to say you two would love to compete on The Amazing Race again if given the opportunity?

Isabelle Du: Absolutely!

Dennis Hour: We want to show super fans that these super fans are a strong team and can continue to go far.

Isabelle Du: We didn't even get a chance to show how clever we are! (Laughs)

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