Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller is being sued by 13-year-old former dance student Paige Hyland.

Paige, the daughter of Kelly Hyland and younger sister of Brooke, has filed a lawsuit against Abby, claiming the dance teacher was very cruel to her dancers and had pinched them to the point of bleeding in pursuit of their cooperation, TMZ reported.

Paige alleged in the suit that she was worked to the bone 60 hours a week and feared Abby might physically hurt her since she was known to attack others on the set of the Lifetime reality show.

Paige also claims many young dancers now suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, and Abby was out to insult and degrade the girls for the purpose of drama and TV ratings, according to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

"I'm not looking to make a lot of money off this. I think what Miller has done to the kids is intolerable and has got to stop. It's the most repugnant case I've been involved in after 49 years of practice," the teen's lawyer, Michael Shapiro, reportedly said.

Paige has not appeared on Dance Moms since her mother got into a fight with Abby on the seventh episode of the series' fourth season, which aired in February.

In the broadcast, Abby reportedly criticized Brooke and then Kelly got physical, resulting in her arrest. Due to the dispute, both of Kelly's daughters were banned from the studio.

This isn't the first time a Hyland has sued Abby for her controversial teaching tactics. Back in February, Kelly sued the dance studio owner for emotionally abusing Paige, and she was looking for at least $5 million, according to TMZ.

Once again, Kelly and Abby had reportedly brawled during a rehearsal in New York City over how her daughters were being poorly treated. Kelly accused Abby at the time of lunging at her and "gnashing her teeth loudly attempting to bite [me]."

"Miller is a very large woman [who] weighs around 300 pounds," Kelly reportedly added in the first lawsuit.

Kelly argued her physical rebuttal against Abby was alllegedly just self-defense.

Dance Moms' fifth season is scheduled to begin filming October 11.