Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X castaway Lucy Huang was voted off her Takali (Gen X) tribe on Wednesday night during Season 33's fourth episode.

Lucy, a 42-year-old dietitian from Diamond Bar, CA, became the fourth castaway voted out of Survivor on Night 13 at the game's fourth Tribal Council session.

The Gen X tribe had to vote one of their members off after they lost the game's fourth Immunity Challenge to the opposing Vanua (Millennials) tribe, resulting in the older tribe's third trip to Tribal Council.

Lucy was blindsided when David Wright played his hidden Immunity Idol to save Jessica Lewis, who had received 5 votes when Lucy only received 2 votes. 

During an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Lucy talked about her Survivor experience. Below is the first half.

Reality TV World: Is it safe to say you were blindsided? How convinced were you going into Tribal Council that Jessica was going home and that David was going to go along with that plan?

Lucy Huang: I was totally, completely convinced that they were going to vote for Jessica, because I thought at that point he was just so happy it wasn't going to be him. And so, I was shocked. I was shocked and I didn't even think about somebody using an idol to play it for someone else.

Reality TV World: Ken McNickle betrayed you by going behind your back and devising a plan to get you out when your target was Jessica. You were shown calling him "a snake" and Jessica proved her loyalty to you by blabbing Ken's plan, so why not switch your alliance's vote to Ken instead of Jessica?

Lucy Huang: I mean, at that point, I don't -- I think that's a good question. I think at that point it would've been too late to discuss it because it would've been a lot of discussion for everybody.

I think we were running out of time and there was just so much confusion and chaos prior to Tribal that there just wasn't enough time to, like, think about it again. Because all of that happened right before we went.

And yeah, I found out I was able to approach Ken again, but it was just, I think, too late and there was too much going on. And I think one of the things I had mentioned to him and Dave was -- that was the point of me saying, "You don't need to talk about it with anybody," because it just causes more chaos, which it did!

Reality TV World: So in an ideal world, if you had the time, do you think you would've gone after Ken instead of Jessica?

Lucy Huang: Umm, I probably just would've gone with an easy out, maybe with [Ciandre "CeCe" Taylor]. (Laughs)
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Reality TV World: You, Jessica and Sunday made the big move in last week's episode to take out Paul Wachter. Why not just work together going forward with Ken and/or David? I know you said you didn't trust Jessica, but why? What did she do?

Lucy Huang: Well, yeah, because she's the one who implanted -- obviously I was okay with voting Paul off, because I knew that he was power hungry. But also, right after we voted Paul off, Jessica was the one basically telling us, "What do you guys think about this? What do you guys think about that?"

So that means that she was trying to basically get the power as well, and there were times when I felt she was trying to plant these seeds in your head, like, making you feel insecure. So, she's the one that started the whole, "Where are you in the hierarchy of the alliance of six?"

And really, that wouldn't have mattered because even if you're four, five, six, the point was to go to the swap, the merge, and make it that far. That was the original plan, so why make people feel insecure at this point about where you are?

To me, she was planting that insecurity so that we would basically follow what she said, you know, like she has the power and the intel so let's do what she says. So, I started feeling insecure about that, like, "No, this isn't going to happen. Why are you making me feel this way?"

Reality TV World: Ken voted for Jessica with your alliance. Why do you think he chose not to vote for you with David and CeCe? Do you think he was trying to win you guys over, or maybe he was just really bitter that Jessica had ruined his plan and betrayed him?

Lucy Huang: No, I don't think they showed the fact that I actually spoke to Ken right before Tribal. And with all that happening, I apologized to him for the manner in how I spoke to him, and I explained to him that I wasn't trying to be bossy -- I was just trying to give him information like a messenger, like, "This is whom we're voting for. You're in the game; Stick with it."

But that was just the way I approached it, and I didn't mean to be bossy, and I apologized. He said, "Thank you," you know, he acknowledged it and said, "Thank you," that it "meant a lot."

And going into Tribal though, I think the conversation he had with Jessica actually pissed him off even more. So I think that made him realize, "Lucy is more loyal than Jess is," at that point. Because I didn't go back and talk about anything or betray him in any way.

Reality TV World: When I talked to Paul last week, he told me that Jessica suspected David had a hidden Immunity Idol. Did you? And if so, you probably just thought he'd use it on himself, right?

Lucy Huang: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, Dave -- everybody thought that he had an idol, from the beginning. I think even [Rachel Ako] accused him of having an idol. But, yeah, you're right. It was an easy out for Jessica! Everybody voted for Jess and it just seems too simple.

It's like, "Why would you use an idol on somebody, anyway?" Would you even think of somebody doing that? That didn't even pop into my head. That early on?! I think even America is still wondering like, "What happened? Why?" You know?

Reality TV World: Well, that was going to be my next question, on whether you have any insight into why David made that decision. Do you think it was smart for his gameplay or just a mistake?

Lucy Huang: I think it was a mistake because he didn't need to. We were going to move forward, you know, hopefully merge or swap, and it didn't matter at that point! He could've saved it for later because he is a weaker guy, right, physically.

But I think what happened was that he originally just went with what Ken wanted, and when Ken changed, there wasn't enough time for Dave to get that message [across]. And so, it still went through. But also, with Dave, he wanted to increase more numbers in the underdog alliance, right?

So now going forward, he knew that if he saved Jessica, Jessica was definitely going to join their team, which would I guess be CeCe, Ken and Dave, and now Jessica. So now the [current] majority alliance is weaker, right? Yeah. So I guess strategically, I see what he was doing. Because CeCe will go with them and now Jess will too because she'll feel so betrayed.

Reality TV World: You mentioned the swap. Previews for next week's episode teased something to that effect. Just to clarify, were you guys talking about the possibility at camp? Were you anticipating that coming so soon? It would be surprising for Dave to use his idol if he thought of that.

Lucy Huang: Yeah, we were all -- that's why we had a plan to stick with the majority alliance. We were like, "This is the first person out and the second and the third person out, fourth person out," and by that time, we would swap.

But then we started getting all paranoid and everybody started changing around. And it just didn't work out. But the point was, maybe we should've just stuck to the plan and we would've made it to the swap. (Laughs)

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