Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance declared Jeremy Collins the winner of its $1 million grand prize over Tasha Fox and Spencer Bledsoe during Wednesday night's finale on CBS.

Tasha, who previously competed on Survivor: Cagayan, was beaten by Jeremy in a unanimous jury vote. Jeremy received all 10 votes, while Tasha and Spencer both earned none.

Kelley Wentworth finished the game in fourth place, Keith Nale finished in fifth, and Kimmi Kappenberg landed in sixth place.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Tasha talked about her Survivor experience. Below is what she had to say. Be sure to check our Survivor page for more interviews with Season 31's Final 6 castaways.

Reality TV World: You seemed confident, at least for a while in the game, that you had a good chance of winning. How many votes do you think you had going into that Final Tribal Council and how might that have changed after the jury questioning and everything went down?

Tasha Fox: I didn't think I had any votes going into Tribal Council. (Laughs) I know Jeremy had played a good game. My gameplay was really directing our alliance, and no one in the other opposing alliance would've been privy to that, so I didn't think I would have anybody's vote.

The guys were with Jeremy. There was pretty much a bromance thing going on from the beginning. The girls, I think they were with Jeremy too. So, my goal was really just to get to the end, stick with some people, just try to leverage as many relationships as possible, and make it to the end.

Reality TV World: Were you surprised Spencer didn't even get one vote?

Tasha Fox: Well, after Jeremy's story about [wife Val Collins] and the baby, no, not at all.

Reality TV World: I want to get your thoughts on Stephen Fishbach's tweet from last night that Wentworth would've won the game. Did you get that sense as well or did that comment surprise you?

Tasha Fox: No, I think Wentworth played a solid game and she had a nice resume when she played her idol and she, obviously, was the last person left from their alliance and had friends on the jury. So that was not a surprise, but I will say, the better she did, the better I did, because Spencer was playing both sides.

So I was able to say, "Hey, Wentworth is doing this, her resume was like that," and I think ultimately, that helped him stay with Jeremy and me. I think we all knew if we would've went to the end with Wentworth and Keith who the winner would've been, so that was a no-brainer.
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Reality TV World: You did you have a chance at one point to drop the boys and join an all-female alliance. Do you think if you went through with that you would've had a better shot to win the game? And how do you feel about that? Any regrets sticking so close to Jeremy and Spencer?

Tasha Fox: I don't have any regrets at all in my Second Chance, but the all-girl alliance, I think it would've been a 50/50 shot between -- more than likely -- Kelley and I to go to the end with [Abi-Maria Gomes] and Kimmi.

Because I would say in a final challenge, if Wentworth would've won, I would've gone home in fourth. If I would've won the final challenge, Wentworth would've went home in fourth. So, for me, it was either make it to the Final 3 -- the Final Tribal -- or go out in fourth.

So it was just too risky. Like Wentworth said, there was hardly any trust there, but I just thought it was too risky. If I would've lost that Final 4 Immunity Challenge, I'm definitely going home. So with Spencer and Jeremy, I just think it was more likely that I would make it to the end.

Reality TV World: Viewers were a little confused whether you saw Spencer as an enemy or ally after you first entered the game and played for a bit. You even seemed to waver on the idea yourself. What was the turning point for you when you decided you wanted to work with Spencer, and even further than that, go to the end with him?

Tasha Fox: Right. I think after the merge, Spencer and I had a chance to talk and basically just established that we could trust each other. And if at some point it was advantageous for us to stick together, we would do it. If not, then we wouldn't. So, we just kind of established that we're going to play our games and if our paths cross and we hook up, then that would be great.

And I think after that family visit when Spencer, J and I went back to camp together, that's when we locked in. And from that point on, I think we were tight. And it was clear he was playing both sides because I think he was sharing information with us and I think he was sharing information with Wentworth and her alliance. So, he was a little touch and go up until that family visit day.

Reality TV World: Would you say it's accurate then that Spencer replaced Kimmi as your third? Kimmi complained that was the case at Final Tribal.

Tasha Fox: No, I can't say that either. I feel like if Kimmi would've stuck it out to the Final 4, you just don't know what would have happened. In that last challenge, anyone could've won. I mean, everything was happening [fast] and there was a lot of shifting. I think maybe Kimmi would've had a chance to convince people to switch sides.

You just don't know. It would've all come down to that last Immunity Challenge. So I feel like Kimmi made the move that was best for her, and I think it was a good move. She had to do what she had to do, so hopefully she doesn't regret that.

Reality TV World: If Keith had whipped out his fake hidden Immunity Idol that Wentworth made for him, would you have fallen for it? It looked pretty legitimate to me. And if he played it, do you think Spencer would've definitely gone home?

Tasha Fox: Umm, it's hard to say. I mean, the necklace part looked pretty good. The actual charm part, not so much. (Laughs) I really liked the necklace part but the top part might've been questionable. But I don't know, I think we would've just stuck to the plan.

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