Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance castoff Kelley Wentworth finished the game in fourth place during Wednesday night's finale on CBS.

Kelley failed to win the final Immunity Challenge and therefore missed out on her Final 3 chance. Instead, Jeremy Collins, Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox went to the end together, and Jeremy ended up winning the $1 million in a unanimous vote.

Kelley, who previously competed on Survivor: San Juan del Sur, managed to still beat, however, fifth-place finisher Keith Nale and sixth-place finisher Kimmi Kappenberg.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Kelley talked about her Survivor experience. Below is what she had to say. Be sure to check our Survivor page for more interviews with Season 31's Final 6 castaways.

Reality TV World: Why did you vote for Jeremy and how did the vote become such a landslide in his favor?

Kelley Wentworth: Gosh, you know, I can only speak for myself, but I think everyone just really respected Jeremy's game. You saw earlier in the season on that Reward when [Ciera Eastin] said, "If you take Jeremy to the end, he's going to win." I think people just really liked him, he had a really great social game, he played a good strategic game, and I think everyone just thought he deserved it the most.

Reality TV World: Do you think the jury questioning had little impact then? It's surprising to me that pretty much everyone went into that Final Tribal Council with an open mind and open vote but then the entire jury voted for the same person to win.

Kelley Wentworth: I think my vote was pretty much locked up. I think there were a few people who were on the fence deciding whom they wanted to vote for, but that last speech in which Jeremy talked about his family and got emotional and revealed he has a son on the way, anyone that was on the fence, I think that pushed them onto Jeremy's side.

Reality TV World: So it sounds like you weren't shocked at all that Spencer didn't even get one vote? And how about Tasha?

Kelley Wentworth: As far as Spencer goes, there's a lot that you guys didn't get to see on TV, and he betrayed a lot of people. A lot of people felt that he took things just a little too far in his promises, and so people felt kind of wronged by him and just didn't want to vote for him.

As far as Tasha, I didn't really get to see a lot of her game because we were just working on opposite sides, so we never really worked together. In this Survivor season, I just felt like Jeremy was the best option of the three, and I can't really speak for everybody, but that's where I was coming from.

Reality TV World: Last night, Stephen Fishbach tweeted that you would've won the game had Jeremy voted out Spencer.
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Kelley Wentworth: Ugh, I know!!

Reality TV World: Do you think that's true? What was your reaction to that?

Kelley Wentworth: Yeah, that's why I got so emotional when I lost the Final 4 Challenge, because I felt like I did have a pretty good shot at the end. I felt really connected to the jury, and I thought the people I didn't have votes from, I could persuade them at the Final Tribal. So, yeah, that was a really tough pill to swallow.

When I got to Ponderosa, everyone was like, "Oh no! We wanted you to win! We all were going to vote for you. You were the one person we were still rooting for." So, yeah, still tough. Still tough to think about that.

Reality TV World: If you had won the final Immunity Challenge, what do you think would've happened? Whom do you think the solid three would've voted off? Spencer?

Kelley Wentworth: Man, I don't know! I do know that Tasha and Jeremy were very close throughout the entire game. When I was with them, they'd go off [to talk] at night and I knew they were a tight pair.

I don't know what the relationship was like between Spencer and Tasha, because they had played before, but I also believe they were close. Man, I don't know. We would've had some work to do. It would've been Jeremy or Spencer going home. I'm just not sure which one.

Reality TV World: Kimmi was brewing up an all-female alliance, but viewers didn't see that take off after Joe Anglim went home. Did you girls talk about the alliance after his vote-off? Why did it seem to fall apart so quickly?

Kelley Wentworth: Yeah, the women working together, there was just a lack of trust with us. I hadn't been with either Tasha or Kimmi for any of the game up to that point. I wasn't expecting them to trust me, and I didn't trust them.

So, it was just hard to come together that late in the game and put your game in someone else's hands whom you hadn't worked with for that long. So, I just think we all were like, "Yeah, let's do it!" It would've been the smart move in my opinion, but we just didn't have the trust there to make it happen.

Reality TV World: When Spencer was trying to convince Jeremy to take him to the Final 3 over you, he was so insistent about being able to get the jury to vote for you to win if Jeremy got rid of him. Do you think he came across arrogant to the jury and even maybe offended them through suggesting he could influence everyone to vote for the person HE deemed most deserving?

Kelley Wentworth: (Laughs) Oh Spencer. I love that kid. I do see what you're saying, and I do think it is possible they saw him as being a little arrogant and over-the-top. He was like, "Oh, I can do this!" But again, there were a couple Tribal Councils before that, and you didn't see him basically saying, like, "We're running the show and we're just letting you know that. We're not doing this or that."

And I think people just felt like he was a little over-the-top, but in that moment, he might not have realized he was doing it because he was just trying to save his game. So, I'm not mad about it and it's all good. The game is over, whatever!

Reality TV World: Did you go into the Tribal when Kimmi went home already planning to play your idol? If not, what was the determining factor for you? Did Spencer just do a poor job of convincing you that you were safe, or did something else happen?

Kelley Wentworth: "It's Kimmi. I swear!" (Laughs) Yeah right, Spencer, okay. Good try. I knew at that Tribal -- Well, I was pretty sure they were voting for me just because Spencer was trying so hard to convince me it was Keith. I was like, "Hmm, I have a little suspicion. I am not buying this."

So, I didn't know going in if I was going to play the idol, and I did consider playing it for Keith. I just realized though they were voting for me, so I had to play it for myself.

Reality TV World: Do you think you would've been able to survive that Tribal if you hadn't played your idol? Because if so, it seems like putting your idol into play cost you your chance of making it to the end. If you hadn't played it, you could've given it to Keith when you had won Individual Immunity. You know what I mean?

Kelley Wentworth: Yeah, you're totally right. But at that point in the game, you can't take that risk. I just had to save myself and then go onto the next day and try to win immunity or pull something else out of my sleeve... It didn't feel worth it [to keep the idol].

Reality TV World: What are your thoughts on Keith being so willing to quit the game for Kimmi at one point? And how frustrating was it for you to have such a laid-back, emotional guy like Keith as your closest remaining ally in the game?

Kelley Wentworth: Having Keith as really the only person left in the game that I was working with and trusted to some degree, it was very frustrating. I tried my best. I was like, "Keith, you're not going home. I need you," because I had Kimmi working with me, but again, we hadn't worked together the entire game.

So I thought, "Crap, if Kimmi stays, she could just go back to the four and easily vote me off." If I had Keith, maybe we can pull something out. Maybe. I made a fake idol. He didn't even try to use it. That's a whole other story, but that was really frustrating, that he was [ready to go]. I was like, "No, that's not happening!"

Reality TV World: Yeah, that fake idol looked like it took you quite some time to make.

Kelley Wentworth: I was just super pissed! Because it's like, you're Final 5. You have nothing to lose. He knew that Tasha, Jeremy and Spencer were voting for him. Like, we knew that. And so, I thought, "Keith, just try! Try something. Anything. Don't roll over and die. You're going to go home regardless, but maybe it will be one vote later. Just try it."

And he was just like, "Ehh, let's vote." I was so mad! But I didn't say anything because I knew the others wouldn't believe it really was an idol because of the way I had played mine. And if I just yelled out, "Keith, play your idol!" It would be like, "Wait, what's going on?"

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