Catherine Thomas, a 5' 9" 22-year-old British model from Folkestone, became the ninth girl eliminated from America's Next Top Model: British Invasion during last Wednesday night's broadcast on The CW.

On Friday, Catherine talked to Reality TV World about her America's Next Top Model: British Invasion experience -- including who she considered her best friend in the house and why, which contestant all the girls were envious of due to the fact the judges gave her "too many chances," who she thought was "sneaky" in the house, and what she believed were the major differences between competing on Britain's Next Top Model versus the U.S. version.

Below is the concluding portion of our exclusive interview with Catherine. Click here to read the first half.

Reality TV World: Many of the models seemed to have the biggest issues this season with Kyle, Seymone and Eboni. What were your thoughts on those three girls? Did you like them, dislike them and did you have a problem with any of them or no?

Catherine Thomas: No, I kind of -- with the whole Kyle thing, she kind of really separated herself from day one. She made her own sort of tent and she didn't really interact with anyone, so no one really got to know her.

So, she didn't really have any problems with anyone. It was hard actually to get close to her, and I think a lot of people resented her because she said she wanted to quit, and then she changed her mind. It was like, "Is this intentional or is it real? It's nothing new." So that's why I think some people resented her, but I actually did quite like her.

I liked Seymone, and me and Kyle actually lived together -- me, Seymone and Kyle -- so I got to know them a bit better. And with Eboni, I think people were irritated with her because she's been given a lot of chances. I don't know if they showed that on TV a lot, but the whole bunches [pigtails] thing with being youthful and 30-never, a lot of times, she didn't want to wear those bunches and she took them out.

She got in a lot of trouble for that, so I think that's why people think, "Well why is she getting more chances? She's messed up a lot." So I think competition-wise, people are just envious of her of why she gets more chances than other people.

Reality TV World: What were your impressions of Sophie and Alisha while you were on the show? Because they seem to be the most outspoken about the other girls and they tend to thrive the most on that American versus British competition.

Catherine Thomas: Yeah. Alisha was like my best friend in the house. We got along really well together. We had a lot of sort of private talks about things that were going on. I do think Alisha was the most real person in the house. She wouldn't fake her way to the top.

She'd just be honest with you, while I thought Sophie was a little bit more underhand and a little more sneaky about things. Obviously you don't see that, but I think that's what it was really like. So, you see that sort of tension between Sophie and Alisha on the TV because you never knew if she was being sincere or not.

Reality TV World: Who did you see as being your biggest competition while you were on the show, and at this point, who do you think is capable of winning America's Next Top Model?
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Catherine Thomas: Yeah, I think it's sort of a toss-up between a couple of the girls. I know that [Kelly Cutrone] has her favorites who she's sort of rooting for until the very end, but personally, I'd love to see Alisha win.

I think she's, like I said, the most real person there and she's got great potential. I also am supporting Eboni. But I do think Sophie is quite a big contender in the competition. She's had a lot of luck. She had a few good shoots, so I'm not too sure. But if I had to choose someone, I'd want Alisha to win definitely.

Reality TV World: Were you familiar with any of the other U.K. models you ended up appearing on Top Model with prior to meeting them on the show?

Catherine Thomas: Yeah, but I wasn't ever in the same cycles as any of them. I was the only girl from Cycle 4 of Britain's Next Top Model, but I watched Sophie's cycle on TV. So I kind of knew on Cycle 5, when Sophie was on there, she kind of came across quite b-tchy and Annaliese and Ashley did too.

So, I didn't know what they'd be like in real life, but actually, they're much nicer. We also bonded as a team more than I imagined actually. It was great fun to be "Team U.K." because it gave you more of a backbone. You stuck together to try to get the Americans out, so it was a lot more fun that I thought it was going to be.

Reality TV World: I'm sure you've heard the story by now, but Tyra Banks has apparently fired Nigel Barker, Miss J. Alexander and Jay Manuel and they won't be returning for Top Model's next season. What are your thoughts on that and how big of a loss do you think it's going to be the show?

Catherine Thomas: When I heard that, I was just thinking, "Oh, I'm so glad I got to work with them before they went," especially Miss J. I think he's awesome. When you think America's Next Top Model, you think of Miss J. and Nigel -- they're sort of trademarks that go along with the show.

So it'll be very strange not seeing them there, especially Miss J., who has such a big personality and charisma. I think a lot of the girls, they enjoy getting to work with him, so I think he's a tough one to beat to try to replace because I think he was awesome.  

Reality TV World: Can you think of any anyone off the top of your head who might serve as good replacements for them on the show?

Catherine Thomas: I'm kind of thinking that if Kelly's not opposed to it, she'll try to get more people who are in the fashion industry. I can't think of who they'd want to replace them with, but I'm thinking -- I can imagine Kelly would want to lower the age limit requirement for the show and I can imagine a few shakeups coming.

But I don't know who they'd want to replace them with. I can maybe imagine them trying to replace them with magazine editors or people that are more up-to-date photographers -- that sort of thing.

Reality TV World: How did you end up on America's Next Top Model, what was the decision and applying process like for you?

Catherine Thomas: It sort of came out of nowhere. I was always a big fan of America's Next Top Model. I just got a call one day from the producers just saying that they watched my cycle of Britain's Next Top Model and they'd like to invite me out as an all-star to audition. So when I heard that, I was sort of like kind of confused. It came out of nowhere really.

I thought it over and just thought it would be an amazing opportunity, mainly because Tyra would be there and I was so looking forward to her getting to meet me and see my work and see if that could open more doors for me, because I love modeling and I love being involved in television projects. It just seemed like the perfect thing really. It just kind of came out of nowhere and it was like a dream come true.

Reality TV World: How would you say being on America's Next Top Model differed from your experience on Britain's Next Top Model?

Catherine Thomas: I think my attitude towards the competition was definitely different this time, because on Britain's Next Top Model, I was really fierce and went through it like "take no prisoners," whereas America's Next Top Model, I went out there and had more fun with the competition and didn't take it too seriously, because I know that outside of the competition, life goes on. You can still model outside of Top Model.

I think the differences between them is in Britain's Next Top Model, you don't get filmed 24/7 and you're not mic'd [with a microphone] 24/7, whereas America's Next Top Model, the cameras are everywhere -- even on the walls when you're sleeping and you're mic'd 24 hours a day. It's much more intense and a lot more extreme, but I also think it was bigger and better than Britain's Next Top Model.

Reality TV World: What are your plans for the near future?

Catherine Thomas: Well, I'm definitely going to carry on modeling. I'm sort of waiting to see if any more doors open after this and more opportunities come my way, like, I'm going to keep my eyes open for the next opportunity to go forward with television or modeling or singing.

I know the music video went well. So, I'm just going to keep pushing and I'm not going to give up and I'm just going to keep doing what I do really.

Above is the concluding portion of our exclusive interview with Catherine. Click here to read the first half.