Andrea Boehlke was voted out of Survivor: Game Changers' Maku Maku tribe during the latest episode of Season 34 on CBS.

Maku Maku eliminated and seemingly blindsided Andrea at Tribal Council on Night 33 of the game with six out of eight votes from Michaela Bradshaw, Sarah Lacina, Cirie Fields, Brad Culpepper, Tai Trang, and Troy "Troyzan" Robertson. Andrea became the thirteenth person voted out of the game and the season's sixth jury member.

Andrea and her close ally, Aubry Bracco, had voted for Brad since he's a big physical threat, thinking that Sarah, Cirie and Michaela were with them.

During an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, the day after Andrea's elimination aired, Andrea talked about her Survivor: Game Changers experience. Below is the concluding portion of what she had to say.

Reality TV World: When you were watching the Tribal Council unfold in which Michaela Bradshaw went home from the jury, what was going through your mind after Cirie Fields learned she could not play Sarah Lacina's advantage? There was so much whispering going on, and I'm sure the jury's perspective was unique.

Andrea Boehlke: Yeah, I was very confused, because I didn't know the dynamic back at camp. It was kind of hard to say what was happening. It looked like Cirie tried -- we thought Cirie tried to take out Sarah because she stole her vote. Why would you ever think Cirie is taking Sarah's advantage to save Sarah? It's so weird! So we were very, very confused.

And then when Sarah took [Tai Trang]'s vote instead of Cirie's, it was very shocking, and Michaela was the last person that I thought was going to be leaving. So it made for a very juicy Tribal Council for sure.

Reality TV World: Zeke Smith and yourself had a very interesting storyline this season. You were both great friends and allies, and then you turned on each other. You seemed angry and bitter at times, while Zeke wasn't thrilled to work with you towards the end of his days on the show. So what happened with Zeke after you got voted out? Were you quickly able to patch things up?

Andrea Boehlke: We patched things up right away. We realized it's a game. Zeke is a huge fan of Survivor and he's a great guy. We realized that in the game, we just started butting heads. I think we're also pretty similar. We both wanted to take control, and we both like being the center of attention. (Laughs)

I mean, I speak for both of us because I think it's kind of great, but we both just wanted to make some big moves. When you have two people like that, it's not going to go well. And looking back, we were able to laugh about it. It was maybe a bumpy road, but we're on good terms right now.

Reality TV World: Zeke had said in one of his interviews after getting voted out of the show that part of the reason he attempted to orchestrate your vote off was because you two had been friends for years before competing on this season together and he was a little hurt and disappointed that after Jeff Varner outed him as transgender, you didn't comfort him. What's your reaction to that? Do you wish you had handled that situation differently after the fact?

Andrea Boehlke: I was very surprised that Zeke felt that way, because in my mind, I was there for him. You saw how emotional I got at that Tribal Council, and I had his back. I guess I didn't show it as much as I felt it, and I feel bad that Zeke felt I wasn't there for him. Because in my mind, I was 100 percent there for him.

So, I was a little hurt that he said those things in his exit press, because that was not my reality. But if that's how he felt, I can't accuse him of making that up, you know what I'm saying? So yeah, I was just surprised because I thought I had his back and I thought that [he felt] I had his back.
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Reality TV World: If Zeke's first Millennials vs Gen X season aired on TV before you guys started filming Game Changers -- as they were filmed back to back -- and Varner realized Zeke was not open, proud and loud about his gender change on his first season, do you think the whole outing situation never would have happened?

Andrea Boehlke: I think so. I think it's really difficult for any of us to get inside Jeff Varner's head. I don't really know what he was thinking.

Reality TV World: Hali Ford, Debbie Wanner and Sierra Dawn Thomas all agreed that the cruel backlash Jeff Varner has received since the Zeke incident aired is too harsh and unnecessary. I guess he's even received death threats. Given your tight friendship with Zeke and knowing how much that disclosure hurt him, what's your response to the reaction Varner has been getting?

Andrea Boehlke: I don't think anyone should ever receive death threats. That's absurd. Obviously Varner is hurting from all of this, you know, as well. So, I think it's just unacceptable. But that's just the world we live in! No one should ever receive death threats is basically what it comes down to. I would never wish that upon anyone no matter what they said.

Reality TV World: At the time you got voted out of the game, what was your knowledge of idols and who had them? Were you shocked to find out Tai had two in his possession?

Andrea Boehlke: I was really bad with knowing who had idols this season. I stepped over the "Legacy Advantage" at the marooning and then Troyzan found his idol right in front of me. So, I do not have a good relationship with idols at all. I had no idea that Tai found two, but I think we all suspected that if anyone had them, it would've been Tai.

Reality TV World: Looking back on your game this season, do you have any regrets or wish you had done anything differently?

Andrea Boehlke: I think what I tried to do this season was try to not be so paranoid and try to chill a little bit, but I almost think that ended up hurting me. And I could've been checking in with people more.

There were times I had to go talk to somebody and I would force myself to sit down and chill so people wouldn't think I was freaking out. But now I'm thinking people got nervous about me because I wasn't checking in as much.

Reality TV World: What did you think about Sarah's decision to take out Michaela? It seemed like she wanted to take out Cirie's sidekick as revenge for Cirie attempting to eliminate her own sidekick in Tai. What do you think?

Andrea Boehlke: I think it was a really good move because Michaela is really good at challenges and she was right there with Cirie. So I thought it was a pretty brilliant move to take out Cirie's sidekick.

Reality TV World: Once Michaela got voted out of the tribe and sent to Ponderosa, what did you predict would happen next at that time? Did you think Sarah and Cirie would team up again, or that their relationship was over?

Andrea Boehlke: I thought Sarah and Cirie's relationship was over because of [the steal-a-vote advantage]. Because it looked like Cirie was trying to take Sarah's advantage and then that failed. So I thought for sure those two were going to be done working with each other.

Reality TV World: What was your reaction when you were asked to play Survivor again, and would you be up for another season if given the opportunity?

Andrea Boehlke: I was stoked to be asked again because I really didn't think that I would be, and it was such an honor to be asked to come back for a third time. I'm never going to shut the door completely on Survivor, but for now, I'm going to chill. I'll take a few years off.

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