Geez, stuff like this never happens with 'Survivor,' apparently this just proves what second-rate reality TV fare it is that CBS is serving up this summer.

In what can only be considered a head-scratching event, Entertainment Weekly's website released an online feature the morning of July 4th that detailed the names, ages, place of residence, martial status, and headshot photos of the twelve 'Big Brother 3' houseguests. This action leaves CBS in the position of having had it's own CBS Network's 'The Early Show' and 'Big Brother 3' websites "scooped" on the announcement as CBS had previously publicized that the cast would be revealed on Friday, July 5th during the 7-9AM EST 'The Early Show' broadcast and release of the 'Big Brother 3' website. But apparently someone over at failed to get the memo.

After reviewing the cast information and noting that only cast member is older than 36 years old (and there are only five who are even in their 30's -- ages 30, 30, 34, 35, and 36,) one thing seems clear about this season -- the 'Big Brother 3' producers clearly are looking for some folks that are "easy on the eyes" this season.

And of course, gven that only ONE of the twelve houseguests appears to currently be married, perhaps they even are hoping for a bit more... anyways, without further delay, below are the specs on the twelve new houseguests.

CHIARA BERTI: 25, Single Female, Marketing Represenative, From: New York City.

AMY CREWS: 23, Single Female, Real Estate Appraiser, From: Memphis, TN.

LISA DONAHUE: 26, Single Female, Bartender, From: LA.

JOSH FEINBERG: 28, Single Male, Waiter, From: Long Island.

JASON GUY: 24, Single Male, Videographer, From: Mobile, ALA.

GERRY LANCASTER: 51, Twice Divorced Father of 3, Teacher, From: Shadow Hills, CA.

RODDY MANCUSO: 30, Single Male, Writer, From: Morristown, NJ.

LORI OLSON: 36, Divorced Mother of 3, Bank Represenative, From: Foxboro, Wis.

ERIC QUELLETTE: 26, Single Male, Firefighter, From: Milford, Conn.

TONYA PAONI: 35, Twice Divorced Mother of 5, Retail Sales Specialist, From: Las Vegas.

DANIELLE REYES: 30, Married Mother of 2, Media Buyer, From: Fairfield, Calif.

MARCELLAS REYNOLDS: 34, Single Gay Stylist, From: Chicago.