After being one of the final two remaining HouseGuests with Danielle Reyes, Lisa Donahue emerged triumphant last night as BIG BROTHER 3’s grand prize-winner of $500,000 based on the votes of her former housemates. As the second place winner, Danielle receives $50,000. Lisa is the first woman to win the grand prize in three seasons of BIG BROTHER. Eddie McGee from New York won in season one and Will Kirby from Miami emerged the winner in season two.

After living in the Big Brother 3 house for 82 days, Lisa, from Los Angeles, and Danielle, from Fairfield, Calif., faced a jury consisting of all 10 of their former housemates: Roddy Mancuso, Lori Olson, Marcellas Reynolds, Tonya Paoni, Jason Guy, Chiara Berti, Gerry Lancaster, Amy Crews, Eric Oullette and Josh Feinberg. After each of the jury members had the chance to ask the finalists questions, the previously-evicted HouseGuests re-entered the house and revealed their votes for whom they wanted to win. Jason, Danielle’s steadfast partner throughout the game, was the only HouseGuest to vote for her to win. The nine others voted for Lisa, making her the grand prize-winner of $500,000 by a vote of nine to one.

After leaving BIG BROTHER 3, Lisa and Danielle were interviewed by Julie Chen about their experiences. Following their interviews, Lisa was reunited with her father, Michael Donahue, Sr., and Danielle was met by her husband, Javier, and her daughters, Paxton and Christiane.