Ryan Gosling's Fall Guy co-star Emily Blunt and former Saturday Night Live cast mate Kate McKinnon made surprise appearances when Gosling guest-hosted the sketch-comedy show this weekend.

Blunt and Gosling sang a song making fun of the supposed rivalry between their respective 2023 blockbuster movies -- Oppenheimer and Barbie -- how difficult it has been letting go of their characters and how it's time to move on to promoting Fall Guy.

McKinnon also reprised her role of a bitter, chain-smoking rural woman repeatedly abducted and abused by space aliens, then unceremoniously returned to Earth.

She played the role in comedy sketches several times, but first and most famously with Gosling in 2015 when Gosling recounted his much more positive abduction experiences to government agents in front of her.

McKinnon's version of events was so hilarious, Gosling could not stop laughing and then started cracking up other people in the scene.

This weekend, the pair went back to the comedy well, with Gosling recalling being celerated with peace, light and adoration, while McKinnon incredulously described being treated with great distaste.

Once again, she and Gosling fought to keep from laughing at the ridiculous situations they were describing.

McKinnon also appeared in last year's Barbie movie.