Saturday's Providence Journal has a story interviewing friends, family, etc. of Elisabeth Filarski, the 23 year old Rhode Islander and Boston College graduate who is said to be a Survivor II Contestant.

The article mentions how she graduated with honors from a private, Catholic, all-girls high school, St. Mary Academy-Bay View. Her dad is a local architect, her mom a lawyer for the state Supreme Court. So far her Mom and Dad aren't talking to the press. A childhood friend of her's is quoted as saying "Honestly, she's like the nicest person ever: bubbly, very smart, a beautiful girl. She has the whole package... I don't think she'd be a schemer. She'd have to do it in a more cunning way, not in a mean or deceitful way. Use her intelligence without hurting anyone's feelings."

Says the former manager of her former all-star softball team: "This is the nicest, nicest, kid you ever want to meet... She's not that type of person [a backstabber]." Humm, doesn't sound like Lizzie will be long for the Outback...

Source: Providence Journal