Edward "Eddie" Fox, a 23-year-old fireman and EMT from East Brunswick, NJ, finished fourth during Survivor: Caramoan -- Fans vs. Favorites' finale episode Sunday night.

John Cochran won Survivor and the $1 million grand prize. He beat out Dawn Meehan -- who, with Cochran, previously competed on Survivor: South Pacific and returned this season as "Favorites" -- and "Fan" and newbie player Sherri Biethman in the season's final jury voting results, which Survivor host Jeff Probst revealed live during the reunion special.

Cochran received every single vote from the jury members comprised of previously-eliminated Survivor: Caramoan -- Fans vs. Favorites castaways. Therefore, Dawn and Sherri tied for second place and Edward "Eddie" Fox finished fourth. Erik Reichenbach finished fifth after being medically evacuated.

During a conference call with reporters on Monday, Eddie talked to Reality TV World about his Survivor experience.

Reality TV World: During last night's finale, Cochran called you "a chauvinistic 23-year-old idiot." What was your reaction when you heard Cochran say that and did it offend you at all? Did Cochran ruin his chances of going to bars with you in the near future? (Laughs)

Edward "Eddie" Fox: Ah you know what? I get along with Cochran pretty well now. I mean, that's just his personality, that's his way of handling things.

Reality TV World: Your argument to Cochran of why he should take you to the Final 3 over Dawn was that you basically did nothing strategic out there. However, you told the cameras if you made it to the Final 3 you definitely think you'd win. So did you really believe you could win the jury vote or were you just saying that?

Edward "Eddie" Fox: There wasn't a lot I could do to get Cochran to take me. I mean, he was pretty much dead-set on going to the end with Dawn, and Sherri was the obvious choice to bring over me. And the only issue I had was there were a few different like little things that I could've went with, you know what I mean?

People would've just voted for me because they liked me. People would've voted for me because I didn't vote them off, and in the same sense, then you turn around and look at a player like Cochran and it's like, "Well if you actually really, really love this game, Cochran played a hell of a strategic game the entire time."

So, I was kind of on the fence either way. I think I would've definitely came in second if I was in the Final 3 with Cochran and Dawn or Cochran and Sherri.

Reality TV World: You were shown telling Cochran you'd want to take him and Sherri to the end had you won the Individual Immunity Challenge and had the choice. Were you just saying that to remain on Cochran's good side or did you mean it?

Edward "Eddie" Fox: I was just trying to play Cochran. Anything I could say to him, I mean, he's just the most logical or realistic person that was really out there. I was just trying to say anything to him to try to get in his ear.

And what's funny about the whole thing is -- you know how the show goes -- I was really pushing hard on Sherri to vote for Dawn with me so we could make a tie and have a fire-making contest. But that just never made it out.
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Reality TV World: I'm kind of paraphrasing here, but in the interviews after his elimination, Malcolm Freberg said one of his frustrations with you was that you just couldn't seem to understand why you'd ever want to vote a good-looking girl out of the game. What's your response to that? Would you say it's accurate, and if so, do you still feel that's a great strategic idea?

Edward "Eddie" Fox: I love Malcolm. Malcolm takes a lot of things I say out of context. I think Malcolm likes himself more than anybody else likes him. Ahh, he likes kind of putting me out there and getting a little dig at me when he can... It's not entirely true obviously, but I do like pretty girls.

Reality TV World: I was going to ask about Andrea Boehlke specifically. When I talked to her a couple weeks ago, she reiterated the fact you were her "Survivor boyfriend" and had a little flirty relationship going on out there but you're just friends today. What was your take on your relationship with Andrea? Did you ever have any real feelings for her during the game or was it just strategy?

Edward "Eddie" Fox: I definitely liked Andrea a lot. We got really close obviously. We bonded really well. She's 23, very intelligent, very smart, very pretty -- just an awesome person to be around. So when we were out there, we definitely had feelings for each other.

I was actually really upset when she got voted off, but it's part of the game though. That's how it goes. We were both kind of trying to get information from each other, so we kind of, you know, we didn't get off on the right foot.

Reality TV World: When I talked to Reynold Toepfer, he told me you actually "hated" Sherri and we saw both of you not getting along with her. Could you talk a little bit about that? When did that all begin and why didn't you guys ever consider trying to squash it, put it behind you and align?

Edward "Eddie" Fox: We were having problems with Sherri from Day 1 -- just her general attitude. I said earlier, she got the most glorious edit she possibly could've gotten in the first couple weeks pre-merge. I mean, Sherri did absolutely nothing. She was the least strategic person I've ever met in my life.

Literally, everybody out there was trying harder than her. And she just kind of floated along the whole way and nobody really liked her for that. And then, she was like the absolute worst physical player I have ever seen, like ever. Like if you had Sherri on your team, you lost no matter what. That was the running joke on Gota in the beginning and the running joke on Gota in the end. And she was just the worst to be around.

Reality TV World: During the jury questioning last night, Reynold told Dawn he thought she was a "fake character" during the game, basically suggesting her emotional breakdowns and attempt at personal relationships were kind of insincere. Do you personally agree or disagree with that, and if you agree, how did you two come to that conclusion?

Edward "Eddie" Fox: I agree with that in a sense. Dawn is actually just like this really nice woman, but then when she's playing a game for a million dollars, she was trying to beat everybody else. The problem -- and I know where Reynold's coming from -- but the problem is, Dawn would have real moments when she was absolutely upset and lost it.

So people would kind of try to console her and she would go back into game-mode after that and try to use that to her advantage. I think that's where Reynold got really upset with that, is she would go off and cry and he would go comfort her and then she would turn around and stab him right in the back. So, that's the issue everybody had with Dawn.

Reality TV World: When I talked to Reynold, he said the fact that so many people turned on him during the game was really traumatic and a couple of the betrayals, like Matt Bischoff for example, really hurt his feelings. You were Reynold's closest ally in the game, so did you feel the same way and just not take things as personally as Reynold seemed to?

Edward "Eddie" Fox: Again, I love Reynold absolutely to death. Reynold has a little bit more of an ego than I do. I'm a little bit more thick-skinned. I kind of don't care if you want to call me an idiot. I probably won't value your opinion as highly anyway, you know what I mean?

So Reynold, he would get a little upset about some of those things. They definitely bothered me too, but hey, it's a game and everybody's playing to win.

Reality TV World: When I talked to Malcolm, he had said that if you guys had pulled off your "three amigos" plan and aligned with Sherri and Erik Reichenbach, he would've actually wanted to take yourself and Reynold to the end. Did that surprise you and how do you think that would've played out if it had been the three of you?

Edward "Eddie" Fox: I don't think -- I think it was a very slim possibility I remember of that actually playing out for us. It was kind of like a more fun, "Hey, let's see if we can do this thing at this point because we're all down at the bottom."

If the three amigos were all in the finals, I could see why Malcolm would say that. Malcolm was kind of the self-proclaimed ring-leader, the way he was portrayed. So I mean, he would be like, "Well listen, I brought these two guys here and I am literally the one who brought them here."

Reality TV World: So if you guys had pulled off that alliance with Sherri and Erik, who would you have wanted to go to the end with out of the bunch?

Edward "Eddie" Fox: Ugh, honestly, Sherri and probably Dawn. I mean, everybody was just so bitter with Dawn, and I mean, nobody liked Sherri on the same token. So I mean, those were two people you definitely wanted to go to the finals with, and they got no votes. How do you not even get one vote?

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