Discovery Channel has announced it has given second-season renewals to both Treasure Quest and American Loggers.

Treasure Quest premiered in January and follows a team from Odyssey Marine Exploration -- a deep-ocean shipwreck salvage company -- as they take to the high seas to hunt for underwater archaeological sites and shipwrecks that are buried beneath the ocean's surface.

In addition, the show also gives viewers a glimpse at forensic analysis of the artifacts and underwater video shot with Odyssey's remotely operated submersible vehicles.

Treasure Quest is produced by JWM Productions.

American Loggers premiered in February and follows the Pelletier family, which for three generations has traveled along "The Golden Road" -- a treacherous hundred-mile stretch that runs westward from Maine's northern coast to the foot of Mount Katahdin.

The road serves as the lone passage between the furthest outskirts of rural Maine and an expansive wilderness that constitutes the single largest swath of unprotected forest north of the Mississippi.

Despite the dangers, the seven Pelletier brothers routinely use their rigs to haul hundreds of thousands of pounds of lumber to supply paper mills and support their own livelihood.

American Loggers is produced by Half Yard Productions.

In addition to Treasure Quest and American Loggers, Discovery Channel announced it has also given second-season renewals to Destroyed in Seconds, How Stuff Works and Time Warp.
About The Author: Christopher Rocchio
Christopher Rocchio is an entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and has covered the reality TV genre for several years.