Deborah Gibson wasn't much of a celebrity ice skater, so now she apparently wants to try her luck as a dancer.

The former Skating with Celebrities participant recently encouraged her fans to start a petition with the goal of landing her a roster spot on an upcoming edition of Dancing with the Stars.

"DWTS won't cast me cuz I did skating show!? I didn't produce it - just on it! Did u guys know that? Start a petition!!!!" she wrote in a Wednesday posting on her Twitter page.

The suggestion worked, as fan Ashley Honsinger subsequently started a petition and posted links to it on Gibson's personal website.

"This is an online petition to have Ms. Deborah Gibson cast on DANCING WITH THE STARS," reads the petition.  "We all know that she would be an AMAZING contestant so let's get her on there! Show your support and get everyone you know to sign!"

While Gibson subsequently acknowledged she was "half joking" about the petition, she's also apparently intrigued by the idea of competing on Dancing with the Stars if she can muster the support.

"Let's get crrrazy [numbers] of peeps to sign and then I'll make them aware : )" wrote Gibson in a Thursday posting on her Twitter page.  "Now w/ more exposure, who knows?!?"

In addition, Gibson said she already has a few Dancing with the Stars supporters -- and detractors -- at ABC.

"Most of the team there wants me - 1or2 people are putting up a roadblock n every season my name's in the ring," she wrote on her Twitter page.

Gibson is no stranger to reality shows, as she previously served as a judge on American Juniors -- an American Idol spin-off that aired on Fox in Summer 2003 and premiered well but was subsequently dropped from the network's fall schedule due to overall poor ratings.

In addition, Gibson also competed with four-time world figure skating champion Kurt Browning on Fox's Skating with Celebrities reality series in 2006.  They were the third pair eliminated.