Bindi Irwin says she and her younger brother, Robert, are "just kids," despite their family's fame for wildlife conservation.

Bindi, 15, and Robert, 9, are the children of the late "Crocodile Hunter" star Steve Irwin.

Their mother, Steve's wife Terri, continued to raise them at the family's Australia Zoo after Steve died in 2006 from a stingray attack.

"For me and for my little brother Robert, we're just kids. We're living our life, following our dreams and passions and goals," she told E! News Wednesday.

"I have a great life, not just in the zoo but outside of the zoo as well. So just yesterday actually, we went to our conservation property with a friend of mine and we went hiking for the day. And I think what's nice is that I'm able to go to the movies with friends or go hiking at a conservation property or go surfing."

Bindi went on to say her family still works hard to continue her father's legacy.

"We've shared what our passion is with certain people and hopefully empowered others to want to make a difference on planet Earth," Bindi said.

"And so if we're able to talk to people and encourage people to become wildlife warriors, then that's brilliant. You've got to think about the difference between normal and common. Because for us, our life is certainly not common. We live in the middle of a zoo. We've gotten to travel the world with our family and share our passion and love for wildlife with the world."