After extensive publicity, Clairol has decided not to use Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, the deceitful villainess from NBC's The Apprentice, in an upcoming commercial for its Herbal Essence hair color.

According to a press release from Clairol, Omarosa had been filmed in a five-second ending for its newest TV commercial in its Streaking Party series. However, "after reviewing the film of all the possible endings," Clairol's advertising department opted not to use the Omarosa take.

The determining factor in Clairol's decision may have been the threats of a widespread boycott against Clairol products, reported by Jeannette Walls in MSNBC's The Scoop. A Clairol spokesperson told Ms. Walls that the company was "concerned about the proposed boycott of our products" and was "looking into the situation. We presume that Clairol's advertising people, who bragged in their press release about their "breakthrough advertising and pulse on pop culture" found that they didn't have the pulse on the wishes of the top management of Clairol shortly thereafter.

Thus, despite the fact that a representative for Omarosa told the New York Post that "[t]he commercial has already been shot and it's going through," it's not. Another untruth -- par for the course with Omarosa.

Meanwhile, Omarosa remains busy making new enemies. The New York Post reports that she threw a huge fit at a American Airlines ticket agent who refused to upgrade her from coach to first class on a Sunday morning flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. According to the Post's source, Omarosa screamed at the agent, "'Don't you know who I am? I was on The Apprentice!" We find it somehow reassuring that Omarosa's newfound infamy didn't get her out of sitting in coach just like the rest of us do.

At least Omarosa still has one friend left: the NBC television network. According to E! Online, Omarosa has filmed a cameo for the NBC soap Passions that will air on May 27. In the show, she'll play a ... job-seeker. We wish her luck. She'll need it.