A raid at the wrong house filmed during the short-lived "Armed & Famous" reality show may prompt a lawsuit against Muncie, Ind., police and city officials.

The tort claim notice, filed to notify the city of a possible lawsuit, said police searched for two fugitives at the wrong address, the Indianapolis Star said Tuesday.

"Armed & Famous" producer Tom Forman, CBS, Muncie Police Chief Joe Winkle and city attorney Charles Clark did not comment.

Lyndsay Clements was alone when armed police entered her apartment using a key from her landlord, the claim said. Television cameras and lights accompanied them.

Officers ordered Clements to her knees then handcuffed her, the claim alleged. Officers searching her apartment broke a window, threw clothes on the floor and asked about two people Clements said she did not know.

When police realized they had the wrong address, they removed the cuffs and left.

Celebrities Jack Osbourne and LaToya Jackson, two of the celebrities who trained with police for the show, participated in the raid but remained outside, the claim said.

Clark said the case would be forwarded to the city's insurance carrier for review.