While ABC has not yet formally confirmed reports that Christina Milian will be competing on Dancing with the Stars this fall, one thing is certain -- she won't be appearing on The Voice.

NBC has confirmed Milian will not reprise her social media correspondent role when the fifth season of The Voice debuts on the network next month.

"She is not [returning]. At this time she is concentrating on her album and releasing a single with Young Money," an NBC spokesperson told Reality TV World.

Questions about Milian's The Voice status surfaced yesterday when reports emerged that she will be participating in Dancing with the Stars' seventeenth season -- which will air live on ABC simultaneously against The Voice on NBC on Monday nights.

Milian joined The Voice in its second season, replacing original The Voice correspondent Alison Haislip. NBC declined to reveal who will be taking Milian's place or whether the role is be eliminated entirely.

"Fans will just have to tune into the show to see," teased the spokesperson.

ABC will officially announce Dancing with the Stars' cast September 4 on Good Morning America although half of the dozen celebrity participants have supposedly been outed. The new edition will premiere with a two-hour broadcast on September 16 at 8PM ET/PT.