Chris Harrison says former second-season Bachelor Pad bachelor Jake Pavelka can only blame himself for his demise on the show.

According to Harrison, Pavelka set the stage for his own downfall when he gave former fiance Vienna Girardi a rose that gave her immunity, allowing her to become a power couple with current boyfriend Kasey Kahl during the season's premiere episode.

"He really only has himself to blame. That very first week if he hadn't given Vienna the rose, things would have been much different," the Bachelor Pad host wrote in his Entertainment Weekly blog. 

During Monday night's episode, Pavelka was eliminated after Girardi and Kahl's alliance of seven members outnumbered and outvoted the six contestants the 33-year-old pilot and former The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love star had assembled to attempt to save himself and take Kahl down instead.

"Now with Jake gone, the power couples are only that much stronger. I think Jake hit the nail on the head when he said if you don't vote against the power couples, you're not playin' the game, you're just playin' stupid," Harrison said, adding that Pavelka's exit left the power couples feeling more secure in their positions within the game. 

"With Jake gone and the numbers dwindling, it will be interesting to see how the game changes as people begin to feel more desperate."

Harrison also noted that unlike last week's broadcast in which she accused Bachelor Pad's producers of "cheating" when two women were forced to go home instead of one bachelor and one bachelorette, Girardi seemed to have no issue with this week's twist in which no woman was voted off.

"This time Vienna didn't get upset and threaten to stage a walkout -- apparently this twist was okay with her," Harrison explained, referencing how only one man was voted out of the competition thanks to Monday night's twist.