Chris Harrison is predicting another Bachelorette wedding this year.

While they have not publicly announced a wedding date yet, The Bachelorette host expects Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez to get married this year, People reported Tuesday.

"I would be shocked if they're not married before 2012, for sure," Harrison said.

Harrison credits the couple -- who got engaged on the sixth season of The Bachelorette last summer and are now "doing great" -- for their attempt to settle into a normal life in a San Diego apartment away from the limelight in Los Angeles.

"What I love is that they're living their lives," Harrison told People. "I try to tell them, 'Don't let The Bachelor change who you are. Just let it enhance what you do...' I think those successful couples have been able to do that."

And Kiptyn Locke -- who was the runner-up on Jillian Harris' The Bachelorette edition in 2009 but has since become a close friend to Fedotowsky and Martinez -- agrees the couple is making all the right moves in their relationship.

"It's important to be away for a while and get to know each other so then when you go do those things, it's all real," Locke explained. "They're so supportive of one another."