Chelsea Roy became one to watch out for during The Bachelor's latest episode in which she embarked on a romantic and flirty date with Arie Luyendyk Jr.

"Fort Lauderdale is known as the 'yachting capital of the world,' so it would be wrong not to spend a date on one of these extravagant boats. I chose Chelsea for this one-on-one for so many reasons. From the first moment I met her, I knew Chelsea was sexy and mysterious," Arie wrote in his People blog.

"Even though I now knew she was a mom, Chelsea was still an enigmatic force. I still needed to get to know her as her, not just the mother of Sammy. I've always had such respect for single mothers, and I've dated a few in the past. That was something I loved about Emily when I was on The Bachelorette."

Chelsea's son Sammy is three years old, and she split from her boyfriend of seven years when their son was only six months old. Chelsea told Arie that her ex left her, married, and welcomed a child with another woman.

"With this date, I really wanted to give Chelsea a much-deserved day of luxury and see if we connected on a deeper level than just our mutual love for kids... The beautiful, clear skies and crisp ocean water made for a perfect day," Arie noted.

"It also didn't hurt that the yacht had everything from Jacuzzis to jet skis. The fun toys and amenities were nice, but the real fun of the day was getting to see another side of Chelsea. This day she wasn't just the mother of Sammy or the woman who aggressively pulled me on group dates -- she was the woman who would reenact scenes from Titanic and the woman who would get adventurous on jet skis."

However, Arie doesn't feel great about the fact the other bachelorettes watched him makeout with Chelsea on a jet ski as she straddled him.

"By the way, both of us jumping on the one jet ski was really sexy and so fun. At the time, though, I had no idea that the other women could see me and Chelsea making out. When I became the Bachelor, I promised myself that I'd never flaunt any relationship in front of the other women," Arie explained.

"I know from Emily's season just how hard it is to all be dating the same person. The relationships naturally develop at different speeds, and at this point in the journey, many people are beginning to have real feelings."

Arie continued, "As difficult as it is for me to compartmentalize all my different relationships, it's just as hard for the women to focus on their one relationship with me and remain unfazed by my relationship with their friends."

Arie admitted that as fun as the moment was with Chelsea, he wishes he "hadn't made the others feel bad."

Going into the dinner portion of his date with the blonde beauty, Arie had every intention of getting inside Chelsea's head, and hopefully her heart.

"There was still so much I needed to know about Chelsea. To give Chelsea a rose, I always needed to be 100 percent sure that I felt we could have a future together. Every woman made a sacrifice to come meet me, but, with Chelsea, each week with me was a week away from Sammy," Arie wrote in his blog.
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"During dinner, Chelsea opened up so much about her relationship with her ex and how that shaped her life. It broke my heart to hear her story of heartache and loss, but it made my appreciation for the strong, beautiful woman who sat before me grow even more."

Chelsea had shared with the Bachelor that her ex was a very successful older man, but after they split, she realized she already had everything she could ever want or need.

"Her story and perspective on life and material things was inspiring, and it was heartening to know we share so many similar values," Arie revealed.

"Chelsea is a woman who asks for so little and deserves so much. Ending the night dancing to Tenille Arts was the perfect end to an incredible date. Just like the day, our final moment was all about us and our relationship, not about all the fancy stuff surrounding it."

Arie sent three women packing during Monday night's episode: Maquel Cooper, Marikh Mathias and Ashley Luebke.


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