Variety reports that a 2-hour special "Celebrity Boot Camp" will air on Fox at 8 PM on Sept. 30, 2002. This is the latest in a current wave of "celebrity" reality shows, including the current "Survivor UK 3" and the upcoming "Mole 3: Celebrity Mole," which will air on ABC in either January or March of 2003.

"Celebs" will including such names from the past as singers Coolio, Tiffany, Vitamin C and Fabrice Morvan (one-half of Milli Vanilli); perennial no-talent Kato Kaelin; actors David Faustino, Traci Bingham, Lorenzo Lamas and Barry Williams; and "Price Is Right" spokesmodel Nikki Schieler Ziering.

The show was taped at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base's Camp DeLuz with two former Marine Corps drill instructors. In this version, there will be no voting for elimination except by the DIs, who will rank the strongest players and drop the weakest through different competitions. Elimination continues until just two celebs are standing. As in the original "Boot Camp," the final vote will consist of a mix of victories in the "Gauntlet" and votes from the other contestants.

No word on whether Balloon Boy or Recruit Lemon will make cameo appearances.