Celebrity Big Brother evicted Keshia Knight Pulliam after she begged her houseguests to send her home during Monday night's broadcast on CBS.

With Keshia and former The Apprentice contestant and White House staffer Omarosa Manigault on the chopping block, the Head of Household -- entertainment reporter and star of RuPaul's Drag Race, Ross Mathews -- hoped to backdoor actress Shannon Elizabeth using fellow actress Marissa Jaret Winokur's Power of Veto.

However, after Marissa won the PoV, Keshia started to cry and begged everyone to send her home because her breast milk was depleting and she was concerned about being unable to feed her child.

Although both Omarosa and Shannon were bigger and better targets for the house, the players sympathized with Keshia and allowed her to exit the game through a unanimous 7-0 vote instead of Omarosa.

"I'm a very competitive person and I definitely came in this game to play and to play to win. However, any amount of money is not worth my baby," Keshia said following her ouster, explaining that her one-year-old daughter has not transitioned from breast milk to regular food yet.

On Day 11 of the game, after Omarosa and Keshia were nominated for eviction by Ross, the girls called themselves fighters.

Shannon acknowledged it didn't hurt for Omarosa to play up her hospitalization a little bit, but Omarosa was actually playing it cool, which completely shocked Ross.

Miss Universe 2015 Ariadna Gutierrez then talked to former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville about how they needed to take out Shannon because she and Big Time Rush singer James Maslow were getting too much power and they were co-dependent on each other.

Brandi also said Shannon was "over-playing." Brandi knew James and Shannon would win every competition going forward if they were to stick around, so Ariadna came up with a plan to backdoor one of them, preferably Shannon.

Brandi told Ross the idea to get rid of James or Shannon, and Ross had already been thinking about it. Ross noted that he had a solid alliance to make a big move, and he feared that if he didn't go after Shannon now, she would send him out the door first.

Ross and Ariadna thought Keshia might work with them as well, and he also got Marissa onboard despite her friendship with Shannon.

Omarosa was then shown talking to her fellow Big Brother houseguests about the White House again. She revealed that "crack downs" when it comes to deportation are "aggressive, intentional and getting worse."

"We're not okay," Omarosa said of the country's current state.

Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath wasn't sure if Omarosa's stories was true since she's a famous reality TV villain, but her news was entertaining to say the least. Omarosa also insisted that President Donald Trump is "a numbers guy" who "wants to out-do his predecessors."

But Omarosa revealed that if anyone has a problem with Trump, he or she should be much more worried about Vice President Mike Pence.

"Everyone who is wishing for a Pence may want to reconsider their life. We would be begging for days of Trump back if Pence became president," Omarosa said. "He is extreme... he thinks Jesus tells him to say things. It's scary." 

Getting back to the game, Ross said in the Diary Room that he needed just four votes to evict Shannon. He had Marissa, Ari and Brandi but needed one more.

Ross therefore tried to get Mark onboard, saying it would be wise to strike a big threat while they had the numbers. Mark liked the idea, especially since he wouldn't get any blood on his hands. 

Ross, however, demanded that Mark not tell James about the backdoor plan, and Mark promised he wouldn't say anything.

Ross believed that if Shannon found out, she would gun for him hard and he'd probably be the next person evicted. Ross struggled with the decision to blindside Shannon because he didn't feel good about it, but he joined the Big Brother cast to play the game.

It then became time for the live Power of Veto competition. Dubbed "Now You See It," two houseguests faced off at a time and had to answer questions about a billboard showing the celebrities on different themed cruise lines.

For each billboard shown, the players had to answer a question about numbers with the words "more," "exactly" or "less," If a person buzzed in first and answered incorrectly, he or she would be out, while the opponent would eventually challenge another houseguest until only one person remained and was crowned the winner.

In addition to Omarosa, Keshia, and Ross, Shannon, Ari and Marissa were also selected at random to play in the competition.

After many rounds of competition, the game came down to a battle between Marissa against Omarosa. In the end, Marissa was victorious.

At the subsequent Veto Meeting, Marissa decided to honor Keshia's wishes and not use the Power of Veto.

Before Keshia was voted out of the house during the live eviction, she asked her fellow houseguests for compassion and then threw Shannon under the bus by saying there is no real alliance.

Keshia also told James that in nominating him at the previous eviction, she was doing Shannon's "dirty work for her."

Omarosa also cried about how Keshia had become her sister in the game, and she asked everyone to make the choice that was best for Keshia.

During Keshia's post-eviction interview with Celebrity Big Brother host Julie Chen, the actress said Omarosa pleasantly surprised her on the show because she was able to see her heart. Despite their political differences, Keshia said it was all about lifting each other up, especially since they are both women and African American.

Keshia also told Julie that Shannon was at the center of most of the drama and caused a lot of divide in the house, hence why she shared some information with James before the live vote commenced.

Keshia additionally called Big Brother "the most unique experience" she's ever had in her life.
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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