has released it's 'Fantasy Big Brother' online game and registration is now open.

After registering a team, game players select four houseguests for their team roster. Players then gain or lose points based on such housguest behaviors such as Head Of Household victories, winning food competitions, eviction nominations, displays of affection, crying, pointing the finger, sharing a bed, appearing in a towel, and doing "high-fives."

Roster can be changed at any time. As an additional penalty, if a houseguest on your team roster is evicted, your team continued play with one fewer roster spot.

Given the facts that only footage seen on airing episodes qualifies for points and that according to, rosters only "freeze" just before the East Coast airings of episodes on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, it appears that LIVE FEED information will likely prove an invaluable asset to serious game players.