Ending years of rumors, CBS has announced that this summer's upcoming seventh Big Brother edition will feature an "All-Stars" cast comprised of houseguests who have appeared on the long-running reality show's six previous seasons.

The final details of the show are still being decided, but according to Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner, the series (currently operating under the working title of Big Brother: All-Stars) will feature somewhere between 12 and 14 houseguests, with home viewer voting helping determine exactly which previous Big Brother contestants will move into the Big Brother: All-Stars house.

After CBS and the show's producers select a pool of twenty previous contestants, the public will get vote on which former houseguests will get to participate in Big Brother: All-Stars -- an event that will mark the first time that any Big Brother edition worldwide (first produced in Holland, local editions of the show have been produced in dozens of countries over the years) has let viewer voting help determine a Big Brother cast.

"This will be the most interactive Big Brother yet," Grodner told Daily Variety. "Viewers will be getting involved more than in the past." While neither CBS or Grodner are yet willing to reveal exactly how the cast voting will be conducted, Variety reports that "it's expected producers will retain the right to cast some slots with past players who aren't audience favorites." Viewer involvement also won't extend to deciding who gets evicted or wins the final prize -- both will still be determined by the houseguests themselves.

Similar to 2004's Survivor: All-Stars, the amount of Big Brother: All-Stars' grand prize will remain unchanged at $500,000. CBS has not disclosed whether, like Survivor: All-Stars, the value of Big Brother: All-Stars' runner-up prizes will increase significantly.

As previously announced as part of last fall's Big Brother 7 renewal announcement, this summer's Big Brother edition will once again be hosted by Julie Chen, who has hosted the series since its initial Summer 2000 edition. Although a premiere date has not yet been announced, Big Brother: All-Stars is expected to debut in early July.