The San Bernardino County (Calif.) District Attorney's Office says it has dropped its case against "Pawn Stars" cast member Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison.

Harrison, 27, was arrested last month after an alleged drunken altercation with a patron at Murray's Saloon & Eatery in Big Bear, Calif.

The Las Vegas Sun said prosecutors investigated the matter and determined Tuesday that Harrison's actions weren't criminal in nature.

"What happened is they arrested me for no reason," Harrison told the newspaper. "But I didn't want to say anything to get into any further trouble. The last thing I wanted was to [tick] off a D.A. and an entire town."

The reality TV personality contends he merely told off an obnoxious barfly who demanded Harrison buy him a drink. Harrison said he was arrested after police told him to apologize to the patron, but he refused, the Sun reported.

Harrison goes by the nickname "Big Hoss" on "Pawn Stars," a show in which people bring various treasures into a Las Vegas pawn shop to have the items assessed for value and possibly bought.