Done in by the members of the alliance she had betrayed earlier in the game, Candice Woodcock, a 23-year-old pre-med student from Fayetteville, NC, became the thirteenth castaway voted out of Survivor: Cook Islands during Thursday night's broadcast of the CBS reality show.

Survivor: Cook Islands' eleventh episode began with the game's newly merged Aitutonga tribe returning from the Night 27 Tribal Council in which Jonathan Penner once again flipped alliances and Nathan Gonzalez was voted out of the game. When the tribe returned to camp, Candice, Parvati Shallow, and Adam Gentry -- Jonathan's now former allies -- made little secret of their frustration. "You've pissed everyone in this game off, so [I] hope you're happy with second place... I am so disappointed, it defiles me... you weren't going home tonight [anyways]," Parvati lectured Jonathan.

Eventually unable to take any more of Parvati's venting and continued insistence that Yul Kwon wasn't in possession of the game's hidden Immunity Idol, Jonathan revealed that, as part of his attempt to convince Jonathan to switch sides, Yul had in fact shown Jonathan the idol. "Yul does have the idol, he showed me the idol, I don't know what you think you're talking about," a frustrated Jonathan responded. But despite Jonathan's comment, Parvati continued to refuse to believe that Yul had the idol. "I don't, I absolutely don't trust a word that comes out of your mouth."

The next day, Jonathan and the rest of his new allies expressed surprise that, until she had watched Sundra Oakley clean one that morning, Parvati had still never even seen one of the castaways clean and gut a fish, never mind cleaned one herself. "Parvati had never gutted a fish or even seen how to gut a fish in 28 days out here, I don't know how that's possible... she's a lazy, selfish girl and a million dollars to her would not help her in her life, it would screw her life up," Jonathan vented to the cameras.

On Day 29, the castaways gathered for their next "Reward Challenge" -- a Survivor auction in which each castaway was given $500 worth of bid money. However unlike the show's previous reward auctions, while "borrowing" money from other castaways was allowed, pooling cash and sharing an item not allowed. As always, the auction would end without warning.

With few of the castaways willing to wage much on a covered mystery item the served as the auction's opener, Jonathan won a hot dog, fries, and cold beer for $100. Despite Jonathan's best effort, Parvati won the second item -- a hot bubble bath and a slice of chocolate cake -- for $360.

The third item was sealed note that, according to Survivor host Jeff Probst, "would give you power in this game." Hoping that the item might contain something that might save her remaining alliance members from a pagonging, Candice quickly bid the item up to $500. After that, the "borrowing" began, with Yul -- who had previously topped Adam's $100 opening bid with a $200 bid -- suddenly publicly offering to lend money to Becky Lee, who had never even bid on the item. Nonetheless, Becky Lee had no problem picking up on her ally's request, and, after Adam declined to lend Candice more than $120, Becky landed the item for $640.

Upon opening the sealed note, Becky learned what she had just bought. "You must send one person to Exile Island immediately and take the rest of their money for yourself," Becky read aloud to the rest of castaways. With Yul gleefully pointing out that Candice and Adam both still had their full $500, Becky selected Candice -- a decision that meant Candice would be paying a fourth visit to Exile Island.

After Becky's decision was announced, Yul -- apparently annoyed with Jeff's suggestion that the hidden Immunity Idol could still be out on Exile Island and Candice's remark that she might "know where it is" -- publicly announced that he was in possession of the idol. "I can end the suspense now, I have," Yul told a surprised Jeff. Asked to prove it by Jeff, Yul took the idol out of his bag and showed it to the rest of the castaways. "Looks authentic," a clearly frustrated Parvati commented after Yul handed her the compass necklace for closer inspection.

Once the auction resumed, Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth outbid Jonathan with a $420 bid for the next item -- all you could eat soft-serve ice cream for the remaining duration of the auction. Undeterred, Jonathan outbid Adam with a $240 bid for a second covered mystery item that was later revealed to be a large pepperoni pizza. Sundra won a third covered mystery item for $140, however when Jeff unveiled it, she discovered that she had just bid $140 for a sea cucumber. Since he had been the only castaway to win anything other than cake or ice cream, Jonathan was the only bidder for the next item -- a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothpicks package that he got for $100. Then, much to Yul's dismay, Jeff announced that the auction was over.

After the castaways returned to camp, Becky, Sundra, and Yul -- all already frustrated to have won nothing during the auction -- got more upset when Jonathan, having consumed far more food at the challenge than he would have in a normal setting, burped loudly and noted how thirsty he'd become in front of Becky and Sundra.

"He is an obnoxious force and he just came here and gave this really obnoxious burp.. every time with get to a challenge his is obnoxious.. I'd would hate to see Jonathan in the Final Four," Sundra vented to Yul and Becky. "I was getting really annoyed at him... he was obnoxious today," Yul -- apparently upset with Jonathan's auction behavior but unwilling to concede that he was always obnoxious -- replied to Sundra.

Sensing a "crack" in the group's alliance, later Parvati and Adam attempted to widen it further by once again trashing Jonathan in a conversation with Becky and Sundra. After later wandering up on Becky, Sundra, and Yul and having Yul inform him that the trio had been discussing the order in which the remaining castaways would get voted off, Jonathan began to sense that his game status might be in jeopardy. "Something is up, unfortunately I think Parvati and Adam -- they've obviously gotten in the girls' ears and I just don't know to what degree that has really worked," Jonathan explained to the cameras. "Clearly the energy has shifted."
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On Day 30, the castaways received Tree Mail informing them that the next Immunity Challenge would test their knowledge of Survivor: Cook Islands' previous events. After gathering for the challenge later in the day, Candice rejoined her fellow castaways. Once Candice had been welcomed back, Jeff explained the challenge would feature a two-round format. The first round would require each castaway to come up with the numeric answer to each of four questions about the game's first thirty days. After adding, subtracting, or dividing the four numeric answers, each castaway would use the final number to determine which corresponding box they should open. After opening the right box, the castaways would have to use a key within it to unlock a lock and raise a flag.

The first three castaways to raise their flags would move on to a second round that was similar to the first, but, in addition to answering the questions, also required the castaways to climb through a "timber tunnel" and walk through a series of floating pontoons before being able to raise their flag. The first castaway to raise their second round flag would win individual immunity.

Parvati was easily the first one to raise her flag, setting up a three-way scramble between Adam, Candice, and Jonathan for the final two second round slots. In the end, Candice raised her flag a second later than Adam, resulting in a final round showdown between Adam, Jonathan, and Parvati. Despite barely making it out of the first round, Adam smoked both Jonathan and Parvati during the second round and easily won the immunity necklace.

Once the castaways returned to camp, Candice began to realize that unless her group was able to manage to convince Yul's alliance to turn on Jonathan, she would probably be the next one going home. "Adam won immunity today at the challenge so tonight we're going to Tribal Council and it's looking like my number is up," a dejected Candice explained to the cameras. "It's upsetting to think that Jonathan will get farther than me in this game. And that's upsetting to think that everyone feels -- everyone, even the people in his alliance -- [he] is a snake."

Having apparently decided that they had no hope of convincing Becky and Sundra to change their votes unless Yul signed off on the change, Adam, Candice, and Parvati approached Yul -- in front of Becky and Sundra -- with an offer/threat that if Yul agreed to vote Jonathan off next, all three of them would give Yul their Final 2 jury votes. "It's not gonna change anything for you and your three people who vote too," Adam told Yul. "If you get rid of Jonathan first then we'll vote for you 'cause your the ringleader and you're the one in charge."

Yul, presumably still planning on following through on his previously disclosed plan to take Jonathan with him to the Final 2 (a move that would pretty much ensure that Adam, Candice, and Parvati would vote for him anyways) passed on the offer and attempted to brush off Adam's "ringleader" comment. "It's not that simple, if we change things up right now it will have other ramifications... I can't really talk about that stuff," Yul explained as Jonathan returned from fishing and rejoined the group. "I'm really sorry guys, I'm just trying to be real honest with you and not blow smoke up your ass... it would be a lie"

Upset that Yul didn't agree to their request, Adam and Parvati had a minor spat with Jonathan, accusing them of eating some coconut they had been planning to eat and then retired, along with Candice, to the tribe's shelter. After watching the threesome joke and snuggle within the shelter as the rest of the tribe battled the elements to gather some wood to cook Jonathan's newly caught fish, Jonathan openly pondered whether they "ethically" needed to share the fish with Adam, Candice, and Parvati. "I say no... I don't think that there's really an ethical question because there ain' no such thing as a free lunch, as they say," Ozzy responded. Yul, Becky, and Sundra apparently agreed, and the five set about eating dinner without inviting Adam, Candice, and Parvati to join them.

Back in the shelter, Adam and Parvati eventually noticed the five had begun eating without them, causing Candice -- who presumably figured she had nothing left to lose at this point -- to storm over to the group and confront them about their decision. "Since when do you guys not share food?," Candice questioned. "That's just so arrogant and so rude, I can't believe this."

After apparently not getting any reaction from anyone other than Jonathan, Candice launched a new offensive and, in a "pot calling the kettle" moment, proceeded to attempt to berate Jonathan for rejoining with the alliance that he'd originally betrayed while following Candice's lead. "You're a rat because you betray everybody in this game, everyone knows that you only care about yourself... everyone knows that and everybody feels that way," Candice -- having apparently decided that the fact that she had only betrayed four of the game's six other remaining castaways gave her the moral high ground -- lectured at Jonathan.

Undeterred, Jonathan shifted the topic back to the meal at hand and when Candice attempted to state that "everyone has their days where they lay down in the tent," he reacted strongly. "That's bollocks and you know it, the rest of us do not choose our days to go lay down in the tent, I work my ass off every single day," a clearly frustrated Jonathan fired back.

The tensions continued at Tribal Council, with Adam and Parvati resuming Candice's attack on Jonathan and all three of them voicing their objection to the group's decision to not "invite us to dinner." Adam and Parvati also continued to attempt to pressure/threaten Yul into voting off Jonathan. "Yul's the puppermaster and we're all the puppets in his little play," Parvati charged. "I'd have a lot more respect -- and so would the people on the jury -- if they cut loose of their cancer that they got hooked on," Adam added.

However in the end, Jonathan's allies stuck by him, resulting in Candice being voted out of the game via a 5-3 vote. "A kiss is nice but maybe if it was love he would have given you the immunity necklace," Jeff remarked after Candice and Adam shared a long goodbye kiss. As the thirteenth castaway voted out of Survivor: Cook Islands, Candice now joins Nathan, Jenny Guzon-Bae, Rebecca Borman and Brad Virata on the jury that will ultimately decide which castaway wins the sow's $1,000,000 grand prize.