Caitlyn Jenner is taking the next step to officially become a woman.

The I Am Cait star filed legal documents on Tuesday asking a judge for an official name change as well as a gender change, TMZ reported.

Jenner completed the paperwork in Los Angeles County Superior Court as a way to legalize her female identity.

However, Jenner is reportedly hesitant to share private information, such as her medical history, with the court due to potential physical threats from people who are not understanding of the transgender community.

Sources told TMZ that Jenner filed a declaration revealing not everyone is pleased with her choices although she has a lot of support. Jenner has therefore asked the judge not to disclose unnecessary personal information.

Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner the gold-medal winning Olympian, first came out to the public as transgender in July through a 22-page spread in Vanity Fair. Jenner has since been living as a woman and conquering obstacles as they come.