Bryan Abasolo's ex-girlfriend, Genavieve Boue, has come forward to dish about their romance before he joined Rachel Lindsay's The Bachelorette cast.

It seems like every The Bachelor or The Bachelorette season in recent years features a cast member whose ex comes forward to spill juicy -- and typically unflattering details -- about the contestant either while the show is filming or airing.

The Bachelorette viewers already saw DeMario Jackson's ex, Lexi, arrive in the middle of a group date to expose his betrayal and lies. And now, Bryan, a 37-year-old chiropractor from Miami, FL, is in the hotseat.

Genavieve, a gorgeous model from Miami, talked to Life & Style about how she dated Bryan about a year before his The Bachelorette appearance.

And for starters, she "wasn't surprised at all" that Bryan kissed Rachel on the very first night they met at the Los Angeles mansion. In fact, Rachel called it the "hottest first kiss" of her entire life."

"I wasn't surprised at all because on our first date he immediately went in for a kiss and I noticed he did the same thing on the show," Genavieve told Life & Style. "That's just how he is."

The Miami model and online boutique owner reportedly dated Bryan for about two months after initially meeting on social media.

Genavieve blamed needing more time to get over an ex for their split; however, the magazine failed to clarify whether it was Bryan or herself that was struggling to move on from a former love.

"He's a really good guy," Genavieve revealed. "I could see why Rachel would like him."

Genavieve apparently doesn't have anything negative to say about Bryan!

"He's what he describes himself to be, a go-getter. We had really good dates," the model told Life & Style.

On one memorable date in particular, Genavieve said Bryan had ordered pizza for the both of them after she had a long day of work. The date was relaxing and she just enjoyed spending time together.

Genavieve -- who is a big fan of the show -- also revealed she once watched an episode of the reality franchise with Bryan during their short-lived relationship. 

"I think that he's the type of person where he says all his feelings and he's not afraid to tell if he likes anybody," the model said, before offering Rachel the following advice: "I think she needs to be the same way if she wants it to work."

And last but not least, Genavieve claimed Bryan actually had honorable intentions for going on The Bachelorette!

"He deserves his chance. I believe he's there for the right reasons," Genavieve told the magazine. "He's really close to his family... He's just a really good guy. He may be portrayed one way on television, but that's not how he should be portrayed."

Not only did Bryan receive the first kiss of the season, but he also received Rachel's First Impression Rose. His edit, however, suggests so far that he's a pretty slick guy, a charmer, and a bit of a smooth-talker. He insisted to Rachel that he's the "good kind of trouble."

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