Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner amicable or in love?

Although Bruce, 64, and Kris, 58, announced in October they had decided to separate after 22 years of marriage and have seemingly been estranged and living in different locations ever since, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians couple was spotted on Wednesday walking hand-in-hand at LAX airport in Los Angeles, TMZ reported.

Bruce also reportedly mumbled under his breath that he and Kris have "been together." The couple appeared to be very united and happy leaving the airport once they arrived back in the U.S. after a family trip to Thailand. Both parties were also apparently wearing their wedding rings.

Bruce is currently living in Malibu, CA, while Kris resides in Calabasas. It's unclear whether the pair is back together or just being friendly because there was reportedly never much tension between them at all and they've remained close.

In November of last year, Kris had publicly dubbed Bruce her "best friend." Likewise, Bruce had insisted at the time he and Kris "get along great" -- "fabulously" in fact. Both Kris and Bruce made it clear after their split that family still came first.