Bristol Palin was apparently just being a good Christian when she boasted she hoped to win Dancing with the Stars so she could give "a big middle finger" to "haters" who didn't want to see her win the ballroom dancing competition. 

"It is faith that got me through this and just praying all the time and just relying on God and knowing that He is on our side and we'll get through this," Palin told People.

Palin was the center of controversy during Dancing with the Stars' eleventh season, as her participation sparked alleged death threats, threatening fan mail letters, and even a man shooting his television over her success.

Although Palin consistently landed at the bottom of the judges' leaderboard with professional partner Mark Ballas during the season's performance shows, the Alaska native continued to survive week to week and was voted into the finals by supportive home viewers -- many of whom were believed to be political supporters of her mother Sarah Palin.

However, the 20-year-old teen mom finished the Dancing with the Stars' eleventh season in third place on Tuesday night behind Disney Channel star Kyle Massey who took second place and actress Jennifer Grey, who won the competition.

Palin told People she learned more about herself from being a part of the competition and will walk away with a new positive outlook.

"Just persevere, have confidence in whatever you do and be willing to go try new things," Palin said. "I've grown so much as a person."

According to People, Palin now plans to put the show behind her and have some fun with Ballas and the rest of the season's cast.

"We're getting on the private jet with the rest of the couples and we're going to have a party," Ballas said.