Bristol Palin says she would not only give away copies of her first book at a Washington store but would sign them as well.

The first 100 avid readers to sign up for a ticket to the book-signing at Books-a-Million would not only get an autograph of Sarah Palin's progeny but would get to take home a no-cost copy.

The announcement was made on Craigslist and was part of the promotion of "Not Afraid of Life -- My Journey So Far," a memoir penned by the 21-year-old Palin and ghostwriter Nancy French.

Bristol can be excused for not writing her relatively brief life story herself. She has been busy carving out a celebrity career highlighted by her 2010 appearance on television's "Dancing with the Stars," Britain's The Independent said.

ANI said the book, which came out in the summer, received some tepid reviews because her relationship with her famous political mom was overshadowed by her jabs at Levi Johnson, the father of the baby she carried during Sarah Palin's vice-presidential run.