Bridezillas is going to be bringing more wedding-planning drama and dysfunction to WE tv.

WE tv has announced it has renewed Bridezillas for another season.       

Bridezillas is set to air a new season in 2019 after making its return to the network earlier this year with Season 11 and experiencing ratings growth over the course of its run.

The reality series made a comeback in March with its eleventh season following a five-year hiatus, as the show had been canceled in 2013.

Bridezillas features brides feeling overwhelmed and acting chaotic ahead of their nuptials. The so-called "normal" women are portrayed as transforming into bridezillas.

The new season will air 10 hour-long episodes.

"After a successful reboot of this pop culture phenomenon, we have found that being a bride, and more importantly a 'Bridezilla,' never goes out of style. We have been thrilled with the glowing reception from longtime fans as well as new fans of the show," said Marc Juris, president of WE tv.

"Bridezillas came roaring back with a whole new layer of drama thanks to the ubiquity of social media, making the show more relevant than ever, and we're excited to see what outrageousness unfolds during this upcoming season."

Each episode follows two "hilariously unhinged" brides as they hurtle toward the altar, according to WE tv.

Viewers are introduced to the women and their grooms and will learn their backgrounds, relationship histories, and how the wedding has taken over their lives.

Per usual, tempers will rise and tensions will flare as the couples near their wedding day and the brides are under pressure. Patience of loved ones will be tested and meltdowns are expected.

Bridezillas, which debuted in June 2004, is executive produced by Laura Halperin, Lauren P. Gellert, Kate Farrell, Angela Molloy, and Nicky Davies Williams.
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.