Bravo has announced it is developing Thintervention with Jackie Warner, a new reality series that will feature the fitness expert and former Work Out star helping overweight clients kick their unhealthy habits.

Unlike many other weight-loss shows like The Biggest Loser, Thintervention will feature Warner working with clients who are still in their real-life environments and surrounded by the distractions and stresses of their personal and professional lives. 

In addition to "grueling" workouts, Thintervention's hour-long episodes will also feature therapy sessions intended to help get to the bottom of the clients' weight issues and nutrition lessons that will teach them how to eat healthier.

Thintervention is "the latest incarnation" of Jackie's Gym Takeover, which Bravo had previously announced it was developing in April.  At the time, Jackie's Gym Takeover was envisioned as a Kitchen Nightmares-like reality series that would feature Warner visiting struggling gym owners and using her own gym ownership and entrepreneurial experience to help the owners turn their failing businesses around.

However after developing the project further, Bravo designed to change gears.

"The thinking is that people want to see Jackie working with clients on their fitness goals, so the focus is no longer her working with gym owners on their businesses," a Bravo spokesperson told Reality TV World.

Work Out -- a workplace reality series that followed the happenings at Warner's Sky Sport & Spa gym in Los Angeles, as well as her personal life.-- premiered on Bravo in 2006 and ran for three seasons, ending in 2008.

Thintervention with Jackie Warner is being produced by Shed Media U.S., the same production company that was producing Jackie's Gym Takeover.