Bravo has announced the premiere and cast of Flipping Out, a new Flip This House-like reality series which will follow the staff of a Los Angeles real-estate firm as it purchases homes and quickly renovates them before flipping them for a profit. 

Flipping Out is scheduled to premiere Tuesday, July 31 at 10PM ET/PT.

Each episode of Flipping Out will follow Jeff Lewis, a Los Angeles real-estate investor with a colorful personality, as he and his staff purchase homes and quickly resell them for a profit.  Bravo describes Lewis as "an obsessive compulsive successful businessman," who attempts to counteract his tendencies through therapy as well as visiting spiritual healers and psychics.

"I found a business that validates and celebrates my disorders," said Lewis.

However running his real-estate business is often not a simple task for Lewis, who considers his employees his friends and must walk the fine line of maintaining both a professional and personal relationship with them.  If facing daily problems at various job sites weren't enough, Lewis is also constantly fretting about his beloved cat, Monkey, as well as dealing with his obsessive-compulsive tendencies and having to work alongside his former boyfriend and current business partner Ryan.

"Let's face it, the people I have working for me aren't necessarily the most qualified individuals," said Lewis.  "But the people that take care of me and my home and my pets are the most important part of this business.  They can't leave.  I can't do this without them."

Flipping Out is produced by Authentic Entertainment, with Lauren Lexton and Tom Rogan serving as executive producers.  The six members of Lewis' staff --  as well as their positions in his real-estate business and their Bravo supplied bios -- are:

- Jenni, Lewis' executive assistant who is usually seen wide-eyed with disbelief. Ever the optimist, she tries to protect her co-workers from Lewis' rants.  "He's crazy, but a lot of geniuses are crazy," said Jenni of her boss.

- Steve, Lewis' first house assistant whose patience is tested when he is asked to take Monkey for acupuncture.  "I have to put the bottles in the fridge with all of the labels facing out or there will be hell to pay," said Steve about working for his obsessive compulsive boss.

- Brandt, Lewis' second house assistant who feels he doesn't "get paid enough to deal with" his boss.  Subsequently, Lewis fires him as he quits.

- Chris, Jenni's husband whom Lewis calls the "Trash Man." Lewis gives Chris yet another chance to be the third assistant, but his lack-luster performance has the boss questioning his decision again. Jenni quickly comes to her husband's defense.  "I think I've been fired five or six times, but I think I'm capable of being the third house assistant," said Chris.

- Zoila, Lewis' housekeeper who proves to be a rock in her boss' crazy world. Never fazed by his rants, she is there for his every need.
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- Ryan, Lewis' former boyfriend and current business partner, he tries to be the calm one in most situations, but Lewis always seems to find something to disagree with him about.