Bravo has announced that it has picked up Top Designer, a new ten episode Project Runway-like reality competition series that will search for America's next great interior designer.

Similar to Project Runway, Top Designer will use a series of weekly challenges to test its contestants' skills, with the show's winner receiving "a spot in one of New York's finest designer showcases" and an undisclosed cash prize intended to help them start up their own interior design firm.

"Bravo's critically acclaimed reality competition shows that go inside creative professions have paved the way for the competitive spirit to thrive in an even more universal setting - the home," Bravo executive Frances Berwick stated in the network's announcement. "This creative new series combines the fast-paced and upscale world of interior design with high pressure and entertaining competition."

Unlike Project Runway and the network's Top Chef reality series, Top Designer -- first announced as a series in development under the Top Decorator title back in May -- will not be produced by Project Runway's producers. Instead, Top Designer will be produced by Stone & Company Entertainment, the folks responsible for Oxygen's Ivana Young Man and American Dream Derby. Prior to founding Stone & Company, Scott A. Stone was also a co-founder of Stone Stanley Entertainment, where he created and produced numerous reality projects including ABC's The Mole, The WB's Popstars, and Spike TV's The Joe Schmo Show.

Designers of all levels -- from trained professional interior designers to self-taught aspiring designers to non-professional artists with a passion for interior design -- are encouraged to apply for the show. Application information and submission guidelines are available via