Well, this time of the year is generally a time of reflection... and here at SurvivorBlows, what BETTER a way to reflect other than to take a look back at the FINALE of the ORIGINAL SURVIVOR SERIES!

AyaK recently posted our "lost" episode summary for the finale of the original Survivor series (for those wondering, he also explains HOW it was "lost" in the introduction.)

Enter the time when the Harry Potter buzz was over his FOURTH BOOK, grown adults were riding SCOOTERS in public (really), the NASDAQ was still over 4000, and DOTCOM's were not yet DOTDEAD's. Read the summary by clicking HERE and reminisce about Dicque, Rudy, Soozin, and Kelly and their fable of the Snake and the Rat.

Ah, those were good times. Anyone still planning a Survivor 3 finale party??? ...didn't think so.