Blac Chyna has posted a lengthy Instagram message criticizing Wendy Williams for comments about Chyna's relationship with Rob Kardashian.

On Friday's edition of her chat program, Williams described Chyna -- who is pregnant with her second child -- as a woman who "comes from the pole," further categorizing her romance with Kardashian as a "great come-up."

The segment on the show was meant to assert the couple is "cashing in" on the upcoming birth of their daughter by chronicling it on a reality program.

"I really do love Rob and for those of us who've been there since the beginning, when Rob was thin, when Rob was smarter," Williams said.

"When Rob had more confidence, when Rob was dating Adrienne Bailon and he just seemed to be a different kind of guy."

Chyna responded to Williams' comments with an expletive-laden, social-media post that reads, in part: "Rob is MY MAN! MINE! I love him for who he is which is why we are together. Therefore it doesn't [expletive] matter what you 'Think' or 'Want' him to be he's not for you Bitch! Then let's not talk about this Lil vendetta you have with my mom. Wendy Bitch you're cruisin' Honestly, truly.. You go out there talking about my family like you just hit the pipe backstage! When I decided to do this show I knew I would be letting the world see us. But your horse face ass woke up on the wrong side of the stable."

The message accompanied by a photo of Williams' face.