Over 200 artists, including Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Billie Eilish, have signed a letter calling on companies to stop infringing on artists' rights via the use of AI.

The Artists Rights Alliance, which put forward the open letter, advocates for "a healthy creative economy and fair treatment for all creators in the digital world," according to its website.

"Make no mistake: we believe that, when used responsibly, AI has enormous potential to advance human creativity and in a manner that enables the development and growth of new and exciting experiences for music fans everywhere," the signatories wrote in the open letter.

While the signatories acknowledged potential positives of AI, they decried the potential harm to artists.

"Unfortunately, some platforms and developers are employing AI to sabotage creativity and undermine artists, songwriters, musicians and rightsholders,"

The signatories said companies are improperly training AI models using their proprietary work with the goal of "replacing the work of human artists."

While living artists like Elvis Costello, Jason Isbell, Jon Bon Jovi, and Zayn Malik signed the open letter, the estates of deceased artists Bob Marley and Frank Sinatra also signed.