Big Brother apparently has a big shocker coming up, and it's not a twist producers planned or the cast was able to prepare for.

[Spoiler Warning: Please stop reading immediately if you want to be surprised by Big Brother's upcoming broadcasts]

When Big Brother's live feeds went live for the first time after Thursday night's CBS broadcast of the second part of Season 19's two-night premiere, Megan Lowder was no where to be seen and live feed viewers soon discovered it was because she had quit the game earlier on Thursday, TV Guide reported.

Thursday night's Big Brother broadcast on CBS had ended with the season's first Head of Household, Cody Nickson, nominating Megan and Jillian Parker for eviction simply because he doesn't like Megan and Jillian is associated with her.

According to TV Guide, Megan, a 28-year-old dog walker from Cathedral City, CA who currently resides in Phoenix, AZ, locked herself in the Diary Room for three hours on Thursday morning prior to her self-eviction.

Megan's decision to quit Big Brother reportedly occurred after the houseguest -- whom Big Brother's Thursday night broadcast also showed clashing with Josh Martinez -- reportedly got involved in another controversy involving a racial slur.

During a conversation with Kevin Schlehuber, Alex Ow reportedly said Megan had told her that Jessica Graf had called Alex a "panda," according to the live feeds. Jessica reportedly denied ever saying the racist remark when Alex asked her about it, so Alex attempted to go to the Diary Room to get the truth from Big Brother's producers.

Producers did not allow Alex to see the footage, TV Guide reported, but she left the Diary Room under the impression that while Jessica had definitely been talking negatively about Alex behind her back, Jessica had not used the derogatory term.

Alex therefore reportedly came to the conclusion that Megan had made the whole story up and confronted Megan about the situation in what turned out into an explosive fight.

Alex initially wanted to approach Megan in front of their fellow houseguests in the yard, but in fear she'd come across hostile like Josh, she opted out and decided to head back indoors. Megan, however, reportedly followed Alex into the house "because she's nosy," Alex told Kevin afterwards.

Alex then accused Megan of lying Jessica's alleged "panda" comment with Jessica and Cody standing nearby, listening to the conversation, TV Guide reported. A huge argument allegedly ensued, which then apparently ultimately led to Megan's decision to eliminate herself from Big Brother's nineteenth season.

Since Megan had been nominated for eviction alongslide Jillian, she needed to be replaced. The live feeds now show Alex sitting on the block with Jillian, so it's believed Big Brother producers required Cody to name a replacement.

Alex also makes sense as an option for Cody since he referred to her former alliance -- Megan, Jillian and Ramses Soto -- as "outsiders."

In addition, Alex also reportedly warned Cody not to trust Jessica and called her a liar. And as viewers have seen on the show, Cody seems to have the hots for Jessica, so it seems he sided with the curvaceous beauty.

It's unclear as of now how Megan's self-eviction will impact the rest of the game and its houseguests.