Big Brother crowned Jason Dent the new Head of Household, who then nominated Matt Clines and Raven Walton for eviction during Sunday night's Season 19 broadcast on CBS.

The Big Brother broadcast picked up where Thursday night's episode had left off, with the houseguests competing in a hotdog-themed endurance competition in order to become the next Head of Household.

Matt felt Raven or himself had to win the competition because if he was truly a pawn on the block against Mark Jansen, he wouldn't have received any votes.

At the previous live eviction, Matt had received two votes, and he didn't know which two houseguests had turned against him. However, Matt assumed they belonged to Alex Ow and Jason, so that pair was on his radar going forward.

Alex then explained in the Diary Room that she and Jason had planned to cast "a rogue vote" for Matt and then blame Kevin Schlehuber for that vote so Matt would target him instead if he ended up winning HoH.

Alex admitted Jason was supposed to cast the sole vote for Matt but once it became time to vote, her mind went blank and she voted for Matt as well.

With two votes against Matt, arrows pointed at Jason and Alex, so Alex said it was crucial someone in her tight alliance -- Jason and Paul Abrahamian -- had to win Head of Household.

Meanwhile, Paul thought he was in a great spot with each duo in the house. If Paul won HoH, he'd have to choose a side and show all his cards, but if he lost the competition, he may be a target. Paul didn't know whether it was in his best interest to throw the competition.

Kevin was the first houseguest eliminated from the HoH competition after 17 minutes. Matt dropped next after 20 minutes, followed by Josh.

After 53 minutes, Paul threw the competition but pretended like he fell out of his hotdog by accident.

Raven attempted to make a deal with the remaining players but no one was interested. Shortly afterward, she dropped. That left Alex and Jason in the running, and the couple began arguing about which person was going to become the next HoH.

Matt was beyond annoyed with the pair because Raven was crying and cold outside, and knowing Alex and Jason would never go against each other in the game, he didn't think it mattered who claimed the power.

Alex hoped her playful argument with Jason would show people they're not as tight as people assumed, but their banter just did the opposite. Paul, in fact, told the cameras that Alex and Jason's exchange showed just how close they really are.

In order to wrap things up, Alex made Jason promise her safety, and then she dropped out of the competition. Jason therefore won HoH after one hour and one minute standing strong.

Josh Martinez confessed that Jason winning was "worst case scenario" because he's one of the strongest male competitors left in the house.

Jason knew he wanted to put Matt and Raven on the chopping block, sealing the deal on the last showmance in the house. Paul hoped Jason would follow through with this plan because it would mean his own safety and no blood on his hands this week.

Josh was then shown talking to Alex about how he thought Kevin was one of the two players who voted to evict Matt over Mark. When the pair was talking in the bathroom, Raven was taking a shower and listening to everything they had to say.

Alex was excited that Raven caught wind of her conversation because then she might actually believe that Kevin was someone who had flipped on them. Matt even got to the point where he wanted Kevin to be nominated for eviction next.

Alex didn't want Jason to tell a soul about them being the "rogue" votes cast for Matt, but the rodeo clown had already spilled the beans to Kevin. Alex called Kevin "a liability" as a result and wondered if they needed to take him out right away.

However, Jason stuck to his plan of going after Matt and Raven, known as "Maven," first. Alex and Jason's cover story for the showmance was that Matt and Raven are both pawns and the real goal is to backdoor Kevin by pulling Raven off the chopping block. 

Meanwhile, Josh was noticing that Paul seemed very friendly with everyone else in the house, so he just hoped the veteran player was going to have his back, as well as Christmas Abbott's back, as previously promised.

Before the Nomination Ceremony, none of the houseguests decided to pick an apple from the "Tree of Temptation," although Raven briefly considered it.

In front of Raven, Jason then spoke to Paul about how Kevin bragged about having the best social game in the house. The guys acted really annoyed with Kevin, and the exchange made Raven feel much more comfortable going up on the block as a pawn. Jason assumed that if Matt or Raven got evicted, the other person would crumble.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Jason pointed out that everyone in the house should understand what his "agenda actually is" by putting Raven and Matt on the chopping block together.

Kevin's eyebrows raised, seemingly thinking he could still be the target. And Matt and Raven were pretty certain Kevin was going to be backdoored this week. In that case, the showmance planned to do everything in their power to stop Kevin from winning the Power of Veto.