Big Brother crowned Season 18's newest Head of Household and BB Roadkill winner, who then determined three eviction nominees during Sunday night's broadcast on CBS.

The Big Brother broadcast began with James Huling (Season 17) throwing the Head of Household competition, which featured balance beams and berries, so that Paulie Calafiore, the brother of Season 16's Cody Calafiore, could win it.

Since Paulie won HoH, his entire Category 4 team -- comprised of Frank Eudy (Season 14), Michelle Meyer and Bridgette Dunning -- was also safe from eviction for the week.

James could only hope he had proved his loyalty to Paulie's alliance and would be safe as a result, and that was seemingly the case since Paulie said in the Diary Room he wanted to go after Jozea Flores' "minions" one after the next, with Victor Arroyo being his first target.

Meanwhile, Paul Abrahamian was still upset over losing his close ally in Jozea. He didn't know which houseguests flipped or flopped on his alliance, which also included Victor, Natalie Negrotti and Bronte D'Acquisto. This whole group knew they were vulnerable potential nominees, especially since they had voted to oust Paulie from the house.

Bronte then told Paul that Da'Vonne Rogers (Season 17) and Zakiyah Everette were the ones who had lied to their faces and flipped on them. The two girls had promised Paul's alliance they were voting out Paulie instead of Jozea.

Out of desperation, Victor and Paul approached Paulie about working together and targeting the girls instead. Paulie pretended like he was game, especially since Victor and Paul promised him loyalty, but the Calafiore sibling was dead set on taking Victor out -- whether it be through the front door or back door.

However, Paulie made Paul feel happy and comfortable as a way to separate him from Victor a little bit. Paulie reminded his fellow houseguest how much of a threat Victor was and hoped Paul would be okay with going up on the chopping block as a pawn to eventually get Victor out.

Paulie promised Paul that he'd be safe and protected, and although Paul didn't like the plan, he felt forced to go along with it in order to save himself.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Paulie officially nominated Paul and Bronte, saying that he didn't know where they stood for the whole beginning of the game. Paulie had the intention of backdooring Victor and keeping him calm until the blindside.

Bronte decided she couldn't trust a single guy in the house, and Victor was well aware Paulie's alliance could be planning to backdoor him. Victor thought it was absolutely necessary to win the BB Roadkill competition.

For the BB Roadkill competition, each houseguest was required to return souvenirs in order to make $18 in gas money. Each item featured a price tag and the game was similar to something you might see on The Price Is Right.

In the end, Victor was thrilled to secretly learn he had won the BB Roadkill competition and could therefore nominate one person for eviction without anyone ever finding out he was the person to do such a thing. However, in order to gain Paulie and Frank's trust, Victor told them about his victory.

Instead of being flattered and deciding to work with Victor, his admission only painted a bigger target on his back. Paul had a feeling that would happen and warned Victor all along to keep his mouth shut.

Victor then spoke to Paulie about nominating Tiffany Rousso, the sister of Season 17 player Vanessa Rousso, or James, who had pissed him off a couple of times in the house. Paulie wasn't worried either way because he didn't see his allies going anywhere.

Victor eventually "secretly" nominated Tiffany for eviction, but she felt fairly safe within her "8 Pack" alliance. Victor's next plan was to win himself the Power of Veto and send a girl packing.
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