Big Brother's Head of Household Bridgette Dunning won the Power of Veto and decided to keep the week's three nominations the same during Wednesday night's broadcast on CBS.

The three houseguests on the chopping block going into Thursday night's live eviction episode are Bronte D'Acquisto, Tiffany Rousso and Paul Abrahamian.

The Big Brother broadcast began with Tiffany being Frank Eudy's target and Bronte being his "Plan B" since her eviction would at least make his "8 Pack alliance happy." Little did he know, however, Da'Vonne Rogers was going after him.

Bridgette was really upset Bronte was on the block and figured someone was trying to sabotage her HoH reign. She had no idea one of her closest allies in the house, Frank, had won the BB Roadkill competition and was behind it all.

Bridgette said if she won PoV, she'd take Bronte off the block. Best case scenario, however, was Natalie Negrotti winning PoV to take Bronte off and also keep herself safe in the process, ultimately keeping the Spy Girls in the house for another week.

Bronte felt alone and isolated, like no one really knew who she was, so she told her Spy Girls alliance she's an aspiring mathematician whose dream is to use prime numbers to fight against hackers for the NSA. The girls cheered about how she's smart and "a secret nerd."

Meanwhile, Paul was acting all buddy-buddy with Frank but said in the Diary Room he didn't trust Frank at all and hated how he acted like "King of the Castle."

Frank then assured Bronte that everyone wanted Tiffany gone. As a play to get picked for the PoV competition, Frank also promised the Spy Girls if he won the PoV, he'd take Bronte off.

Meanwhile, Da'Vonne and James Huling wanted to spread the word that Frank was no good and won the BB Roadkill comp. James told Natalie that Frank won BB Roadkill and she was shocked. James said that although the house wanted Tiffany out, Frank was lying to her girls and had no intention of using the veto on anyone in order to keep nominations the same.

James also asked Natalie not to tell Bridgette and Bronte the news because he'd be in big trouble if his alliance found out he was a rat. Natalie found herself in the middle of her best friends in the house and the guy she trusted and liked.

Bridgette trusted Frank and Natalie trusted James but the girls didn't trust the opposite man, which sparked a little tension in the Spy Girls alliance.

It then became time to determine the Power of Veto competition players. In addition to the HoH and three nominees, Bronte picked Natalie to play and then Paulie Calafiore got picked. Frank didn't want to have to nominate someone from the "8 Pack" so he really didn't want Natalie to win.

Da'Vonne was also worried about Natalie winning the PoV because then Frank could attempt to backdoor one of her girls -- Michelle Meyer, Zakiyah Everette or Nicole Franzel. The girls agreed Corey Brooks would probably be their first target in the majority alliance, which Nicole seemed fine with.

For the PoV competition, each player was shown a recipe containing several ingredients. Upon instruction, they had to pour a specific one into a large measuring cup, and if the correct one was poured, they'd move onto the next round. If the ingredient was incorrect, the mixture would blow up in their faces. The last person standing would win the PoV and also earn his or her teammates a backyard dinner from Outback Steakhouse. 

In the end, Bridgette won and losing the competition was the worst feeling Tiffany experienced in the house thus far. She cried in frustration. 

Natalie knew if Bridgette took Bronte off the block, she was going up in her place, so it didn't really make a lot of sense for Bridgette to do that since Tiffany was the target. But Bridgette noticed Natalie was acting suspicious and withholding information from the Spy Girls. Bridgette just hoped the motive was in the best interest of the girls' alliance.

Bronte and Bridgette suspected Natalie knew who won the BB Roadkill competition, and her ally James wouldn't tell Bronte who won it or what that person would choose to do. 

Bridgette soon learned she could invite another team to join her on the steak reward, and she picked Big Sister because it was Zakiyah's birthday and Da'Vonne and Frank weren't getting along, so it would be an opportunity for them to patch that relationship up.

Natalie said Frank was using and abusing Bridgette and she wished the HoH would figure that out. While cuddling, Frank then told Bridgette he won the BB Roadkill because he wanted Bronte to be a strong player in the PoV comp to keep Tiffany as the target.

Frank had also hoped Bronte would pick him for the PoV, calling it a bad game move to pick Natalie. He told her not to tell the girls any of the information he was disclosing, and Bridgette completed trusted him -- even more so when he admitted to nominating her the first week when he won the BB Roadkill.

At the PoV Meeting, Bridgette decided not to use the Power of Veto on anybody. Bronte hoped Tiffany would continue being the target, and Paul thought he was 99.9% safe. However, Tiffany didn't know what to think. Da'Vonne wanted Tiffany to stay in the house to help her get Frank out. 


About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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