Big Brother live feed spoilers have revealed which houseguest won the Power of Veto competition, and which players are this week's final eviction nominees as a result.

[Spoiler Warning: Please stop reading immediately if you want to wait until Big Brother's August 9 broadcast on CBS to discover who won the Power of Veto competition and what happened afterwards].

According to Big Brother's live feeds, this week's Head of Household, Josh Martinez, and the three eviction nominees -- Mark Jansen, Elena Davies and Jessica Graf -- played in the Power of Veto competition along with selected players Alex Ow and Christmas Abbott.

Josh had previously nominated Mark and Elena for eviction, saying that Mark is "a meatball" and everyone else in the house should know his objective this week, that he was gunning to get Jessica out of the game.

Jessica was already sitting on the chopping block as a special third nominee because she had finished the Temptation Competition in last place. (Jessica had thrown the competition in order to ensure herself a spot in the Power of Veto competition. She was worried about being backdoored post-competition).

Cody Nickson, known as Public Enemy No. 1 in the house, was not nominated for eviction because he received immunity for the week by winning the Temptation Competition. 

Despite Josh's announcement at the Nomination Ceremony that he was going after Jessica, the HoH's real target this week is Elena.

Josh called Elena a "manipulative" player as well as a "good liar" and "very persuasive" in Sunday night's episode. Josh believes Elena is more dangerous to his game because she had no problem voting to evict him in the past.

Josh's close ally, Christmas, knows about his plan to take out Elena, but the HoH has every intention of keeping the information from Paul Abrahamian, who is tight with Elena and wants nothing more than to kick Jessica to the curb.

Christmas isn't sure whether Josh should take out Elena or Jessica first, as she has offered Josh conflicting advice. Josh worries that if he took out Jessica next, Cody would definitely go after him next week if he managed to win Head of Household.

Christmas, however, told Josh that he could go down in Big Brother history for breaking up the Jessica and Cody showmance.

With that being said, Josh's plans changed to Jessica as his target since the whole house seemingly wanted her gone and he was the only one who really cared about Elena's ouster.

Going into the Power of Veto competition, Jessica acknowledged she needed to win it in order to be safe. She felt her fate in the game might be sealed if she lost the veto power since Cody was no longer an option for eviction.

When it became time for the Power of Veto competition, according to the live feeds, Mark won the veto.

Later that night, Mark confided in Paul how he might use the veto to save Elena, but Paul couldn't believe what he was hearing and thought he was joking around.

Mark asked Elena to make a deal with him over the veto, and Elena said she'd go on a date with him in the real world if he chose to use the veto on her. Mark actually considered the idea and told his showmance partner that he'd think about it and sleep on it.

Assuming Mark would use the veto take himself off the chopping block, Josh started thinking about potential replacement nominees. He considered Raven Walton, Matthew Clines, and Christmas -- all as pawns. Raven and Christmas openly volunteered to go up on the block in Mark's place in order to benefit their alliance.

At the Veto Meeting on Monday afternoon, Mark decided to take himself off the block, as expected.

Josh then named Raven the replacement nominee because he figured no one would vote her out over Jessica or Elena. Raven is well-liked in the house, but the players are beginning to question her sincerity and true character.

Mark probably would have saved Elena from the block had he known Josh was struggling with the decision of whether to take her or Jessica out next, but now it's too late.

It looks like Jessica will be the next houseguest voted out of the game. If Josh does decide once and for all to vote out Elena, could he rally enough votes to make it happen?