Big Brother evicted Brendon Villegas and revealed the season's next gameplay twist during Thursday night's broadcast of the thirteenth season's fourth live eviction show.

Brendon was evicted from the Big Brother house via a 5-2 vote on Day 34 after being placed on the chopping block by returning eighth-season houseguest Danielle Donato, the season's fourth Head of Household.

Danielle had previously been in an alliance with Brendon and the competition's three other remaining returning houseguests -- Rachel Reilly, Brendon's former twelfth-season "showmance" partner turned real-life fiancee; eleventh-season Big Brother winner Jordan Lloyd; and eleventh-season houseguest Jeff Schroeder, who has been dating Jordan since their Big Brother season concluded in 2009.

However Danielle -- who had begun the competition paired with Dick "Evel Dick" Donato, her estranged father who won Big Brother's eighth season in 2007 but unexpectedly quit the current season days after it began due to a personal matter -- decided the two couples were her biggest threats and spent the last couple of weeks attempting to orchestrate their break-up.

As such, Danielle had originally nominated Brendon for eviction alongside Rachel.  But Brendon, in a show of chivalry, won the subsequent Power of Veto competition and opted to take his fiancee off the chopping block -- resulting in Danielle nominating Jordan, whom most of the other houseguests like and don't consider a threat, in her place as a "pawn" in an effort to ensure Brendon's eviction.

After Brendon's eviction, Big Brother host Julie Chen reminded the houseguests of her previous warning that the season's twists "were far from over" and told them the next evicted houseguest could end up returning to the game.

"Think carefully about how you play the game this week, because the next houseguest to be evicted will have a chance to get back in the game," she told the houseguests.  "That's all I'm telling you for now."

However, Chen then revealed the twist's remaining details to viewers and explained the season's first three evicted thirteenth-season houseguests -- Keith Henderson, Cassi Colvin and Dominic Briones -- have been sequestered since their evictions and home viewers will get to vote to give Keith, Cassi, Dominic, or Brendon a chance to compete against the next evicted houseguest for the opportunity to return to the game.

"One of them will battle next week's evicted houseguest live.  The winner gets back into the house and back into the game," Chen explained.

Home viewer voting -- via text messaging or -- began following Thursday's Big Brother broadcast and will continue through Wednesday.

Thursday's live broadcast then concluded with the remaining houseguests -- minus Danielle, who as the outgoing HoH, was ineligible to compete -- competing in the season's fifth HoH competition.

Dubbed "Check Mate," the quiz challenge required the houseguests to face-off, two at a time, and correctly answer a question about one of the season's first three evicted houseguests. 

The first houseguest to answer each question correctly would get to remain in the challenge and decide which houseguests would face-off next, while the other houseguest would be eliminated from the challenge. In addition, answering a question incorrectly would also automatically result in a houseguest's elimination.

Kalia Booker -- a 30-year-old writer who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and has been, like Danielle, also openly at war with the season's returning couples -- won the challenge and became Big Brother 13's fifth Head of Household.