Big Brother evictee Cody Nickson was voted out of the Big Brother house for keeping his plan to blindside Paul Abrahamian a secret from his own allies, but if he returns to the game, Paul may be the ticket to his survival.

When Cody served as Head of Household earlier this season, he attempted to nominate Paul for eviction without knowing the returning player had received three weeks of immunity thanks to the "Den of Temptation." When his plan to take out the veteran failed, Cody chose to target another member of his majority alliance, Christmas Abbott.

Since Cody remained tight-lipped about his strategy and made "Maverick moves" arguably too early, the houseguests eventually turned on him and evicted him under Paul's HoH reign last week.

However, Cody will be given a chance to battle his way back into the house later this week.

During an interview with Us Weekly, Cody revealed that if he defeats the other evictees in the upcoming competition and returns to the house, he'd genuinely think about joining forces with Paul, who finished as the runner-up on Season 18.

"That would actually be the move I would consider the most," the former U.S. Marine, 32, told Us.

When asked whether he believes Paul would be onboard with a fresh alliance, Cody replied, "I don't know."

Cody, who already proved himself to be a strong competitor in Big Brother competitions, probably has the best chance of winning the battle-back competition.

He'll be up against Jillian Parker, Cameron Heard and the next evictee. (Jessica Graf and Dominique Cooper are currently on the chopping block but the Power of Veto competition has yet to air).

It wouldn't be a surprise if Cody and Paul teamed up in the house because they could probably dominate the game together. They both can win competitions, and as of the latest episode, Paul had a spell over the entire house in that everyone seems to think they are working with him and can trust him.

Cody and Paul -- although at odds when Cody left the game -- also admitted they have respect for one another. Cody said he respected the fact Paul made a move against him because they are both big threats.

Cody also compared himself to Paul, claiming they were the only "alphas" in the house and everyone else were "betas" just following Paul around.

If Cody manages to get back in the game, however, he told Us he wouldn't change his game at all. As fans recall, his social game was definitely lacking, as it involved awkward stares and a refusal to share "intel."

At the time of his eviction, his only ally was his loyal girlfriend, Jessica.

"I don't really care if people thought I was too serious or not. I'm not going to change who I am," Cody said, adding that he would "probably make the same risks, no matter how seemingly stupid they may be" because he's "not some dud."

"I'm not going to just go back in and just somehow play it safe now that I have a second chance. It's just not me. So I'm going to take as many risks as possible. I'm sure Jess will talk me down from the ledge a few different times. If anything, if I was to kind of chill, it [would] just be trusting Jess' intuition because her intuition is pretty amazing."

Cody said that Jessica has "awesome intelligence" and he'd be willing to fall back on her advice.

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