Big Brother's first evictee of the season, Cameron Heard, is having a tough time dealing with his premature exit as a longtime Super Fan of the show.

"It's extremely disappointing to go through a huge rigorous process and then have your dreams crushed within 12 hours. I didn't get a chance to play the game or talk to anyone... I didn't even know everyone's names. It hurts now to even talk about it," Cameron told Entertainment Weekly.

Cameron, a 24-year-old microbiologist from North Aurora, IL, was eliminated on Day 1 of Big Brother's nineteenth season after landing on the chopping block alongside Christmas Abbott and Jillian Parker.

Cameron just seemed to hit some bad luck, from choosing a poisonous apple at the "Garden of Eden" competition to being out-voted by Christmas and Jillian when the trio was able to choose whether the houseguests would vote to evict someone or they'd battle it out in a competition to hopefully stay.

Cameron wanted to compete because he didn't trust anyone in the house yet, but the ladies wanted to see where their fellow houseguests stood.

"I kept pulling people into rooms, telling them I'll have loyalty toward them but it's got to be hard to believe since I'm not even addressing them by their names. I can't even remember whose occupation was whose," said Cameron, although he did perform a little strip dance for a couple of girls in the hope of earning their support.

If Cameron's time wasn't cut short on Big Brother, he shared the following gameplan with EW: "I would probably want to align with the bros of the house. They all seemed to have this 'bromance' mentality and I thought I could be the brains of their operation."

In a separate interview with Us Weekly, Cameron elaborated on which guy he would have liked to work with.

"I would have wanted to work with [Cody Nickson] the Marine, because he seemed like a loyal dude who probably wouldn't jump ship if things started to go wrong," Cameron revealed, before sharing which player he'd stay away from.

"I would not want to work with [Ramses Soto]. He seemed to be all over the place and could jump ship whenever."

Cameron was ultimately replaced in the Big Brother house by returning houseguest Paul Abrahamian thanks to a new twist in the game.

When houseguest Kevin Schlehuber decided to take a temptation of $25,000, the consequence was Paul entering the house with immunity -- and an eviction taking place that night.

"I think Paul is going to do exactly what he did last season -- find that one ally and ride it out till the end. Most times, veterans will play the way they did in the past," Cameron told Us, referring to Paul's ally Victor Arroyo from last season.

"People were surprised to see him and also speculated someone else could be coming in. Some thought he already had his chance, but most people were excited to see him. I could see Paul aligning with the bros, someone being a competition beast. I expect history to repeat itself."

Cameron added that he thinks Raven Walton and Matt Clines have a good chance to win Big Brother's nineteenth season.

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