Big Brother crowned Corey Brooks the new Head of Household and he in turn nominated Victor Arroyo and Paul Abrahamian for eviction during Sunday night's broadcast on CBS.

The Big Brother broadcast began where last week's episode had left off, with the Head of Household competition in which the players had to transport butter into an eight-gallon container by running back and forth on a slippery path.

During the competition, there were flashbacks to moments before Natalie Negrotti's live eviction. Nicole Franzel and Corey spoke to James about how they wished they could repay him for keeping Corey safe when he was on the chopping block next to Victor.

James was the deciding vote that week and ultimately betrayed Paul and Victor, sending Victor packing for the second time in this game.

James seemed completely over the fact Nicole and Corey had schemed to get Natalie, his showmance partner and best friend, out of the house. James told both the couple and cameras he wanted to work with them going forward and had trust in them for the majority of the game.

Nicole and Corey were ready to make big strategic moves with James on their side, as Nicole noted it's her favorite part of playing Big Brother.

Flashing back to the HoH competition, it was a long battle but Corey ended up winning the title.

Ironically, the whole house was happy about Corey's victory because every person was convinced he or she was aligned with him. Paul, Victor, Nicole and James all felt confident and safe with Corey in power. Paul and Victor even accepted the fact one of them must go up as a pawn.

Despite the fact Corey and Nicole had made a Final 4 deal with Paul and Victor, they also made a Final 3 deal with James, which they wanted to honor.

Corey then talked to Nicole about taking Victor out. Corey said he had an excuse because Victor was responsible for his best friend Paulie Calafiore's eviction. Corey noted it's also too dangerous for them to go up against a powerful duo going forward if James wasn't in the picture.

Corey acknowledged in the Diary Room that Victor was a competition beast and the biggest threat in the house, so it was time to take a swing at him. Corey didn't seem to care that Victor and Paul would be mad at him.

Meanwhile, Nicole was a little paranoid. She worried Natalie had demanded James not team up with them going forward, but Corey pointed out James has absolutely no chance to win the game if he goes up against Victor and Paul. The couple therefore agreed Victor was their target.

Corey, Nicole and James then had a conversation, solidified their bond and agreed to win the Power of Veto so Victor could not. James thought Nicole and Corey had the best intentions in mind and at heart, so he was close to 100% trusting them.

Paul worried Nicole and Corey might betray their Final 4 alliance, but Victor wasn't worried at all because he was certain the pair was good to their word. Paul then told Nicole and Corey that he'd be perfectly fine going up on the chopping block as a pawn if they needed him to as to not get Victor all worked up. Paul then noted anyone could win the PoV except for James.

Fearing Paul and Victor's reactions to their nominations, Nicole suggested to Corey they nominate James and Victor together -- with Victor being the target -- just so things in the house went smoothly for the next week. She doubted James' motive, wondering if he was working with the guys.

Corey told his showmance partner it made no sense to risk James' fate in the game, because if Paul or Victor won the veto, he'd be out and they'd have to go against a powerful duo in the Final 4. Corey didn't want James to go home at all.

Nicole therefore forced herself to keep her strategy and emotions separate.

Heading into the Nomination Ceremony, Victor wasn't nervous at all, especially since either himself or Paul had to go up on the chopping block by default.

"I'm playing Big Brother, not Big Baby," Corey told the cameras before the ceremony. 

Once the Nomination Ceremony commenced, Corey nominated Victor and Paul for eviction. Corey explained he legitimately cared about both of them but it wasn't in his best interest to put James up strategically. Corey said if one of the guys won the veto, he'd be forced to nominate Nicole.

Corey also pointed out that he cannot participate in the next HoH competition and Nicole wouldn't stand a chance playing against Victor and Paul. Corey noted that he'd be a sitting duck in the game with Nicole as a result.

Regardless of the fact Corey's decision made perfect sense, Victor was furious, revealing in the Diary Room that his downfall in this game was trusting people, which he found pathetic. Victor felt the couple had put a knife into his back, and Paul vented about how Nicole and Corey are liars.