Big Brother's houseguests evicted Corey Brooks this week, and now he's opening up about his biggest regret in the game and future relationship with Nicole Franzel.

If Brooks could go back in time and change one thing about his game, the 25-year-old baseball coach from Dallas, TX, explained, "I could have thrown the slippery slope [competition] to Nicole and let her win that and then this HOH that [Paul Abrahamian] won, I would have won it," Brooks told Entertainment Weekly.

"I would have then been HOH and put up Paul and [James Huling]. I think that would have helped."

Because Abrahamian won Head of Household and nominated Brooks and Franzel for eviction, Huling was able to cast the sole vote for eviction and opted to take out Brooks.

As far as Brooks' showmance with Franzel, which lasted all season long, the handsome houseguest admitted he's not sure if they'll continue a romantic relationship outside of the house.

"We are both recently single so this is something we need to discuss outside the house," Brooks explained, referencing Franzel's recent split from former Big Brother houseguest Hayden Voss.

"I have never known Nicole outside of the house and she lives on the other side of the country. If it is something we want to be serious about, things need to progress with our friendship outside of the house."

Brooks, however, truly appreciated his bond with Franzel -- an ER nurse from Ubly, MI -- this season.

"Nicole never bad mouthed me or wanted me out," Brooks told The Hollywood Reporter. "She always stuck by my side. She was a very good ride or die to have and we went the furthest."

Fellow evicted houseguest, Victor Arroyo, insisted Brooks won't pursue a romance with Franzel outside of the game.

"Corey doesn't want to be in a relationship after the show," Arroyo told the website. "He is going to break little Nicole's heart."

Earlier this summer, Big Brother host Julie Chen seemed to adopt a similar stance as Arroyo.

"Forget about Corey and Nicole," Chen told Entertainment Tonight when ranking Season 18's showmances. "That's a one-sided thing. He looks at her as a kid sister. I think he adores her, but not in a romantic way."

Franzel did seem to have stronger feelings for Brooks than the other way around, as she constantly gushed about his good looks and amazing qualities. Brooks, however, just seemed to enjoy the snuggling.