Big Brother 7: All-Stars determined its final four houseguests last night, with Danielle Reyes and George "Chicken" Boswell going home during the longrunning CBS reality show's first ever live double eviction episode.

Thursday night's special live double eviction episode began with Danielle, a 34-year-old Roseville, California resident who had been nominated for eviction by ninth Head of Household Erika Landin, being evicted via an unanimous 3-0 vote in which fellow nominee George didn't receive a single vote.

Erika had originally nominated George and Janelle Pierzina for eviction, however Janelle won the subsequent Power of Veto competition. After Janelle removed herself from the chopping block on Tuesday's Big Brother 7: All-Stars broadcast, Erika (falling prey to the manipulation of "Chilltown" alliance members Will Kirby and Mike "Boogie" Malin) decided to betray her nascent alliance with Danielle and nominated her in Janelle's place.

Once Danielle was interviewed by Big Brother host Julie Chen, the five remaining houseguests competed in "Battle of The Sexes," Big Brother 7: All-Stars' tenth Head of Household competition. As the outgoing HoH, Erika was not eligible to compete. A multiple choice challenge, the HoH competition required the houseguests to remember whether eight previous house events had involved "male" or "female" houseguests. Every houseguest had to answer each question. For each question they answered correctly, each houseguest would get one point. After eight questions, the houseguest with the most points would be the new Head of Household. With Will once again appearing to intentionally throw the challenge, Janelle answered all eight questions correctly and won easily (Will, Mike, and George all scored six points each.)

After her HoH win, Janelle -- realizing that she had only minutes to decide her nominations -- immediately grabbed Will and asked him whom she should nominate. At Will's urging, Janelle (who initially appeared to be hesitant to nominate Erika) nominated Erika and George, who had just come off the block moments earlier, for eviction.

Once Erika and George were nominated, the houseguests immediately began competing in the Power Of Veto competition. Dubbed "I'm Knots About Veto," the challenge required the houseguests to attach themselves to a rope with two giant knots and, while remaining attached to the rope, untie the knots, grab a veto symbol that was slipped through the other end of the rope, and then -- veto symbol in hand and freed from the rope -- ring a buzzer located back behind the challenge's starting line. The challenge quickly turned into a two-way competition between Erika and Will, however Erika eventually edged Will when Will, apparently unable to slip his veto symbol off his rope but perhaps just once again deciding to risk intentionally throw a competition, incorrectly rung his buzzer while his veto symbol was still attached to his rope.

After Erika removed herself from the chopping block, Janelle -- forced to choose between only Will and Mike -- decided to nominate Mike in Erika's place. Once Mike was nominated, Erika and Will both voted to evict George, making him the tenth Big Brother 7: All-Stars houseguest to be evicted. After his eviction, George was interviewed by Julie.

As Big Brother 7: All-Stars' ninth and tenth evictees, Danielle and George now join Marcellas Reynolds, Howie Gordon and James Rhine as the fourth and fifth members of the seven person jury that will eventually decide which one of the show's final two houseguests will receive Big Brother 7: All-Stars' $500,000 grand prize. Big Brother 7: All-Stars' live season finale will air on Tuesday, September 12 at 8PM ET/PT. Big Brother 7: All-Stars will evict its eleventh houseguest during another special live broadcast on Tuesday, September 5 at 8PM ET/PT.